1. Anthoy Davis: One of the most anticipated returns for the upcoming season is Anthony Davis. For some of you, the 29-year-old has nothing to prove as he is already an NBA Champion.

2. DeAndre Ayton: The talent and the youth are there, but the mentality is what's missing. The 24-year-old got what he wanted for his checks and balances. 

3. James Wiseman: A former No.2 pick overall needs to show up, especially in the current NBA Champions.

4. Michael Porter Jr: Despite Jamal Murray's return will be on the spotlight for the Denver Nuggets, Michael Porter Jr may have a little room for improvement both on the defensive the offensive end.

5. Ben Simmons: When Ben Simmons played for the last time in the NBA, there was too much criticism over him that hold on mostly until he returned to practice.

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