Sign of liver disease 

Broken fingernails and redness of the hands : After the liver is damaged, the nails will become brittle and easily broken, and the surface of the nails will be uneven, and even horizontal lines will appear.

yellow eyes : Yellow eyes, yellow sclera, it means that the liver has been seriously damaged, and the body has liver cirrhosis.

 best food for nourish liver 

Wolfberry: After getting older, when there is a problem with the kidneys or liver of the body, many people will use wolfberry to soak in water.

Grapes: Grapes contain natural active substances cellulose and vitamins. Patients with liver disease are prone to ascites and edema in the later stage.

Corn; Studies have found that eating corn can reduce blood pressure, dilute blood sugar levels, reduce lipid components in blood vessels, and clear lipids in the liver.

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