5 bad Habits makes people ulgy

1. Wash your face directly with soap: If you use soap to wash your face for a long time, the facial skin will gradually become rough due to the alkaline state

2. Squeeze blackheads and pimples: Some friends have the habit of squeezing acne and blackheads with their hands its bad for your skin. 

3. Go to bed without drying your hair after washing:  It is estimated that no one wants to grow unsightly white hair in their dark and thick hair don't do. 

4. Breath with your mouth: However, some people do not close their mouths tightly, or develop the bad habit of opening their mouths to breathe.

5. Crossing Erlang’s Legs: The two biggest hazards of crossing Erlang’s legs, one is to cause scoliosis, and the other is to weaken the muscles of the waist and abdomen

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