5 best food for good health

1.Eat more dairy products:  Among them, milk and yogurt are good choices, and they are one of the best foods for calcium supplementation.

2.Eat more tofu: Tofu is rich in plant protein, and there is also dietary fiber that is slightly inferior to milk.

3.Eat more deep-sea fish::Pregnant women, nursing mothers, and minors can eat in moderation, which can help improve physical health and prolong physical life.

4.Eat more prawns: Shrimp contains about 18.6% protein, and is very rich in potassium, phosphorus, selenium and other minerals, amino acids and other nutrients

5.Eat more whole grains:: According to the requirements of the “Balanced Diet Pagoda for Residents”, each person should eat 50~150g of whole grains and mixed beans per day.

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