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3 mental methods to achieve success practice the 3 nature of mind

When a person wants to achieve something, the most important thing is the cultivation . When rises and his mind is opened, he can see through the fog in front of his eyes and overlook all beings! 3 mental methods to achieve success practice the 3 nature of mind.3 mental methods to achieve success practice the 3 nature of mind

I will share with you three high-level cognitions, which will help you to get rid of many of your confusions and let you change your mind and live with a more advanced attitude towards life.

3 mental methods to achieve success practice the 3 nature of mind
3 mental methods to achieve success practice the 3 nature of mind

1.When you have no backer or when your backer is weakening it is the time of awakening

Why are many people’s lives so miserable? In fact, one of the core reasons is that they rely too deeply on the culture. They hand over their destiny to others to control, and blindly rely on others.

You need to know that when you rely too much on others, there are two disadvantages:

The first one is to be overly dependent on others, and you will place too much importance on the participation of others in your life, thus ignoring your own growth and forgetting to explore the value of your own life.

In the end, your own strength has not been improved. When you are relying on you, you may be able to do something, but once you are no longer relying on you, you will become a waste.

Why many people enter the society after graduating from college is completely smeared, because they are used to relying on their parents since they were young, and their parents have arranged everything for them properly, and their parents will support them and solve them when they encounter problems , causing them to have no survivability at all after entering the society.

The second drawback is that if you rely too much on others, then others will control your life and death.

If you maintain a good relationship with your backer now, maybe he will help you, but one day when he faces the temptation of greater interests, maybe he will abandon you immediately.

When your backer turns to abandon you, or even becomes your opponent, you can imagine what kind of state your next life will be.

Therefore, many people are poor, and many people are miserable, because they rely too deeply on the culture. They rely on their parents at home and friends when they go out, but they have never thought of relying on themselves. On the surface, they seem to be no different from others, but Spiritually, he is always on his knees.

So if you want to succeed, you must first adjust your thinking. Don’t be poisoned by this “relying” culture, always thinking of relying on others. You have to take more control of your life in your own hands, so that there will be more possibilities.

3 mental methods to achieve success practice the 3 nature of mind
3 mental methods to achieve success practice the 3 nature of mind

What is the second kind of thinking, that is, when your backer falls or your backer is weakening, there is no need to feel lost. Many people rely on a culture that is too deep. As a result, one day their backer falls, and they feel very lost. It is a big mistake to think that life is impossible.

When you find that everything in the past is no longer solid, and the cards you used to have disappeared, in fact, you should realize that your era has come.

The backer is getting weaker, and you are getting stronger, don’t hesitate.

When you watch those TV series and movies, there is always a bloody plot that the male protagonist grows into a male protagonist when all he can rely on is no longer relying on.

After experiencing a lot of things, you will find that there are actually many things that he is not right or wrong. What kind of meaning he will have to you actually depends on how you look at them.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing that your backer is weakening or that your backer has fallen. He may be a motivator for you, an opportunity to start having to explore the value of your life.

When you can see things in this way, you will find that everything that happens is positive. It’s an opportunity for you.

But I felt that the role of the ego was exaggerated in Adler’s psychology, and I changed this idea not long afterward, because a person’s inner strength is really infinite, when you choose to interpret a thing from the front, When you can control your inner strength, you will find that there is not so much so-called misfortune, and everything that is happening right now has a positive meaning for you.

When you have no backer, or when your backer is weakening, it is the time of awakening
When you have no backer, or when your backer is weakening, it is the time of awakening

2. Learn to set boundaries to achieve balance

As big as the heaven, earth and all things,and as small as the human body system, but behind it represents a state of balance. Once you get out of balance, something will happen.

This is also true when interacting with people. The unreasonable demands of others sometimes have to be balanced by your own adjustment of supply.

The authorities are obsessed. Many people don’t know how to restrain and never end when they ask for something from others. If he asks you for it, but you don’t give clear boundaries to adjust it, he will continue to ask for it, and he doesn’t know when to stop.

There are only two final results. One is that the other party does not seek the value of his own life because he has relied on others for a long time, and in the end he cannot grow at all. One is the person who is being asked for, because of long-term and bottomless efforts, a victim mentality is formed, and finally a negative cycle of relationship is formed.

Therefore, many people always feel that they need to be willing to help others and help others. In fact, these are all preconditions.

To set good boundaries and believe that others have the ability to grow themselves, is the real benefit to others.

When you have no backer, or when your backer is weakening, it is the time of awakening
When you have no backer, or when your backer is weakening, it is the time of awakening

3. Reconcile with your past self and don’t fall over again

A lot of people have come to ask me a question: Why do I keep making the same mistakes and fall over and over again?

In fact, the reason why you fell in the same place is not because you have a special fate. The root cause is that you have not reconciled with your past self, you have not faced up to your past mistakes, and your past homework has not been solved.

Simply put, your mentality is not good, you can’t tolerate your limitations, you always don’t allow yourself to make mistakes, run away when you make mistakes, you can’t treat them objectively, let alone improve from mistakes and failures, so your past issues are still there. , there is no perfection in practice.

So when we always make mistakes, when we always try hard and fail to achieve success, the first thing we should do is to stop and see if we have made mistakes and whether we have unfinished tasks in the past. .

At this time, slow is fast. You must first find the root cause of your own problems, then generously admit that you are wrong, accept your own shortcomings, and then allow yourself to change and improve. This is the real way to grow.

But many people are unable to correctly treat their mistakes for the sake of so-called vanity and face. Once there are mistakes in life, once the things they do fail, the first thing they do is to pass the responsibility to others, distance themselves from themselves, and never think deeply about their own problems. How can they improve?

Learn to set boundaries to achieve balance
Learn to set boundaries to achieve balance

I have a friend who went to work in a company after graduation, but resigned after less than half a month. She said that the boss here is not easy to get along with, and her colleagues are also intriguing. She can’t stand it.

It didn’t take long for her to find a second job, but she quit within a month.

In just a year like this, she has changed about 10 or 20 jobs, and she is still going to change jobs. I asked her why, and she said that it was all someone else’s problem.

I laughed at that time, everyone, is this really someone else’s problem? No, it’s just her own problem. She has been pampered since she was a child, and everyone revolves around her, but when it comes to work, no one thinks too much about her feelings anymore. She feels very lost, and she can’t stand it with a glass heart, so where to go She couldn’t stay at work.

Human life is a practice. In the past, we may not be able to control our own life, and we may be affected by our original family, but when we realize this, we must choose to reconcile with our past self and accept what happened in the past. Everything, and then face the current life calmly, from your own perspective, change yourself to adapt to this environment, rather than longing for the environment to change because of you.

The first thing an adult should have is the ability to face the essence of things. You have to understand that behind all problems there is an essential problem. If you see through this essence and solve the original problem, similar problems will not appear again and again in your life.

If what you have been seeing is the surface of things, then even if you seem to solve one problem after another, the essential question will still reappear with a new look in a new package.

Learn to set boundaries to achieve balance
Learn to set boundaries to achieve balance

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