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4 good way to overcome the mentality

Solution 1: Use an excuse to go to the gym.

 4 good way to overcome the mentality
4 good way to overcome the mentality

When we are tired of exercising, or feel tired in our body, we naturally have the idea of ​​”don’t want to exercise, don’t want to practice”. The thought of another hour of silent weightlifting in the gym, or tens of minutes of lonely long-distance running on the treadmill, makes me tiring.4 good way to overcome the mentality

If I ruled out the cause of my illness, just because I had a “lazy cancer” attack, I would bring a change of clothes and tell myself: I’m not going to exercise, I’m just going to the gym, have a sauna, take a shower, relax, and come back . However, once we get into the gym, the good workout atmosphere will infect me unknowingly, and then I will change my mind, “Or I’ll do iron for half an hour.” As a result, in the process of training, I met a partner who often exercises together and completed a high-quality training.

The purpose of this method is not that you must exercise when you go to the gym, but to use the sports atmosphere of the gym to infect and stimulate exercisers’ interest in training, so as to overcome the psychology of not wanting to practice.

Some friends may only participate in running exercises and do not go to the gym, so what do you do when you don’t want to run? someone once used this trick for himself: when I decided to run today, but I didn’t want to run, I would send a message “I’m going to run today” in a circle of friends or a sports group. So the pressure came, and there would always be “good people” who would ask me after a while, “Did you go for a run?” In order to save my face and fulfill my self-promise, I could only force myself to run, even if it was only for ten minutes, it wouldn’t work. Going for a run is an explanation to myself and my friends.

 4 good way to overcome the mentality
4 good way to overcome the mentality

Method 2: Don’t run if you don’t want to run, and switch to other sports.

Many people like to eat braised pork, but what if you were asked to eat braised pork every day? Eat until you vomit! The same is true of sports. If you only participate in sports such as long-distance running for many years, it is bound to produce psychological boredom. Therefore, there are many times when we don’t want to run, not because we are physically tired, but because we feel that we can’t bear it psychologically.

So when you feel like you don’t want to run, try another exercise. Tired of running, you can try various aerobic exercises such as spinning, yoga, and boxing. This will give you a new sense of movement, and you may also discover a “new world”. For example, when you participate in yoga practice, you will find that “the original core strength and flexibility are so poor.”

The purpose of exercise is to exercise the body, and “running” is not the only exercise to achieve this goal. Therefore, if you don’t want to run, don’t run and try other sports, which will help improve your athletic ability and efficiency.

Method 3: If you are really tired, take a good rest.

Some bodybuilders work too hard and exercise too often each week, five to seven times a week. Some runners run hundreds of kilometers a week. Such exercise frequency and amount will put a lot of exercise pressure on the body, and at the same time, it cannot be effectively recovered. The accumulated fatigue not only increases the risk of sports injuries, but also makes people more and more tired.

As long as you are tired, you will definitely have the idea of ​​”don’t want to run, don’t want to exercise”. Therefore, the easiest and most reasonable way to deal with it is not to think about “how to overcome it”, but to follow the trend and take a good rest.

There are two ways to get a good rest: one is to reduce the frequency of weekly exercise, for example, from six times a week to three times a week, runners can greatly reduce the amount of running; the other is to stop training altogether, Take a good rest for a few days, or even a week or two, to allow your body to recover and adjust. Once your body is fully rested and adjusted, when you start exercising again, you will feel “full of blood” again.

 4 good way to overcome the mentality
4 good way to overcome the mentality

Method 4: Change the environment.

Taking running as an example, the training environment will also make people feel that they “don’t want to run”. liked the treadmill very much at first, but after running for a few years, I felt nauseous when I saw the treadmill, so I rarely run on the treadmill now. I usually run outdoors, and I often change the route. Different scenery along the road will make me feel relaxed and offset the boring feeling of running.

Relatively speaking, strength training is much more interesting than aerobic exercise such as running, because the training combination of strength training is ever-changing, and the angles, equipment, movements, and weights can be constantly changed.

In addition, whether it is running or lifting irons, it is best not to practice alone, get to know some fitness friends, and practice together, which can effectively reduce the situation of “doing not want to practice”. Because fitness partners are also an important part of the training environment, they are very effective in maintaining enthusiasm for training.

No matter what method you use to overcome your “don’t want to practice” thoughts, the most fundamental and best way to maintain your enthusiasm for training is to consistently allow yourself to “make small improvements” from exercise. This kind of continuous small achievements and small achievements can effectively motivate exercisers to keep exercising, so as to offset the negative emotions of “don’t want to exercise” to a large extent, and make exercise happier and more interesting!

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