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4 mantras of human nature to help you upgrade your brain

Most of people’s pain and misfortune stem from a lack of awareness of human nature. One day, when you raise your level of thinking and understand the truth behind human nature, you will find that life suddenly becomes better! 4 mantras of human nature to help you upgrade your brain

The 4 mantras of human nature, if you understand it thoroughly, you will not be so painful, and you will not be so aggrieved!

 4 mantras of human nature to help you upgrade your brain
4 mantras of human nature to help you upgrade your brain

1. Don’t complain about misfortune, don’t be afraid of being let down by kindness, this is the nourishment for growth

Many people have a misconception that they are always afraid of being tricked, fooled, and hurt. In fact, the earlier you experience these things, the deeper the hurt, which is a good thing, because it can make you grow up instantly.

I had a fan who wrote to me. He said that he was cooperating with two good brothers to start a business. As a result, he was trapped by the other two brothers. He lost all the money and his wife ran away. He complained to me about how unfortunate life was. I asked at that time He said a word, I said how old you are, he said 29 years old.

I went on to say, this is a good thing. You have experienced this kind of thing at a very young age. You can still bear it. It will also give you a new understanding of people’s hearts, so that you can avoid being deceived by the same plot in the future. ,got hurt. If you experience this kind of thing again at the age of 60, you may not be able to bear the blow all of a sudden, you will lose your life, and you will lose even more.

So everyone, see no, you must learn to deal with setbacks and disasters correctly, not complain, but be grateful and learn.

 4 mantras of human nature to help you upgrade your brain
4 mantras of human nature to help you upgrade your brain

2. It’s like a kind person gradually becomes no longer kind. Have you experienced that process?

When a person who was originally kind suddenly became no longer kind, it was not because he suddenly had evil thoughts in his heart and wanted to do evil things.

But after he was hurt again and again, he began to become mature and shrewd.

He no longer trusts others easily, and he no longer easily compromises with others. He is not getting smarter, nor is he getting stupider, but he has learned to think about himself.

In the past, he would sacrifice his own interests, and even let go of his own bottom line in order to help others, but when he was injured, he realized that doing so would not make much sense.

Therefore, being hurt is valuable. If you have been hurt, bullied, and paid for nothing, a person will begin to learn to keep his bottom line and live his life well. It is not that he is not kind, but that beings who are kind are more rational, understand the complexity of people, and thus know how to grasp their bottom line more firmly.

So the process of no longer being kind is the process of growth, and frustration, oppression, and hurt are all inevitable. If you meet good people and everything goes well, you will never grow up. The more bad people you meet, the better others do, and you can grow up in an instant.

 4 mantras of human nature to help you upgrade your brain
4 mantras of human nature to help you upgrade your brain

3. Less desire, less expectation, don’t get caught up in feelings, you will live easier

Every soul is not pure kindness. Many times you look at a righteous person from a distance, but when you look closer, it may be a devil.

This is actually nothing, after all, you and I are both mortals, with emotions and desires, and selfishness. When facing danger, what you must think about is to run for your own life first.

It’s not immorality, it’s human nature.

So don’t always have so many expectations of others. Once your expectations of everything are too high, you will be very miserable when the expectations fall through.

The truth in this world is not that if you treat others well, others will also treat you well. The story of the farmer and the snake is often staged, and good people may not always be rewarded.

4. What is the adult world?

It’s true that money is hard to earn; it’s true that it’s hard to make friends; it’s true that helplessness is true; it’s true that confusion is true; it’s true that there is no one to rely on; only happiness is false!

Don’t say who is better than the other. When things go smoothly, everyone is a master of practice. It seems that they have seen through life and have their own understanding of the world.

But if you let him encounter some difficulties and setbacks, his tall image will disappear in an instant, and he will become an ordinary person instead.

What is the adult world?
What is the adult world?

The ironic phenomenon of this society is that we often console ourselves like wise men, but torture ourselves like fools and cannot jump out of that circle.

A friend quarreled with his wife, we would always persuade her that a man should be generous, don’t care so much about a woman, don’t reason with her, but when it happens to him, he can’t hold back his feelings. Tempered.

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