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5 best foods for boost immunity

To stay away from diseases, you should pay attention to improving your resistance, because immunity is the most effective medicine. With good physical conditions, the function of immune cells is activated, and it is difficult for germs to invade the body and are blocked by this barrier.5 best foods for boost immunity

5 best foods for improve immunity system
5 best foods for improve immunity system

To improve resistance, in addition to proper work and rest, maintaining a good attitude, and insisting on exercising, diet cannot be left behind. A variety of types of food are nutritious, and eating properly will increase your resistance.

1. Apple

To enhance the resistance, you might as well eat more apples. As the saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away from me. From this sentence, it can be seen that the nutritional value of apples is very high. Faeces are excreted faster, thus nourishing the intestines.

5 best foods for improve immunity system
5 best foods for improve immunity system

In addition, apples are rich in minerals, vitamins and trace elements, which can just meet the needs of the body. It is recommended to eat apples between meals every day, and it can also be paired with other fruits to provide richer nutrition.

2. Tomatoes

As a healthy vegetable, tomatoes are recommended because they are rich in vitamins, and there are many types of vitamins. The amount of vitamins the human body needs every day is provided, which can not only fight free radicals, delay the aging of the body, but also enhance the resistance.

In addition, tomatoes contain lycopene, which promotes skin health, acts as an antioxidant, and nourishes the skin. Of course, tomatoes are sweet and sour, and also have an appetizing effect, providing the human body with dietary fiber to make bowel movements smoother.

3. Eggs

As a necessary ingredient for every household, eggs can be cooked in a variety of ways. There is no such thing as an allergy to eggs. If you eat an egg every day, you will find that it provides rich nutrients.

 3. Eggs
3. Eggs

High-quality protein is easily absorbed and utilized by the human body. And protein is the material basis of human life activities. Once lacking, it will reduce liver function and affect the exertion of resistance. The role of eggs is not only this, it also contains a variety of other nutrients, which are also effective in suppressing and improving brain function.

4. Milk

As a healthy dairy product, milk has no lactose intolerance. If you are allergic to milk, you can drink a cup a day, and the amount should be controlled at about 200 ml.

Milk contains high-quality animal protein, which enhances organ function and improves resistance after providing protein. Of course, milk also contains minerals and trace elements, among which calcium is helpful for the growth and development of children. Drinking milk for the elderly can strengthen bones and effectively prevent osteoporosis.

5. Broccoli

To enhance resistance, you can choose broccoli, as a dark green vegetable, broccoli contains a variety of antioxidants that the human body needs

Through research, it has been found that eating more broccoli can enhance the body’s ability to fight tumors. In this era of cancer discoloration, it is very important to do a good job in cancer prevention. Only when nutrition meets the needs and resistance improves, cancer can be kept away. In addition, broccoli can also provide rich vitamins and dietary fiber.

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