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5 kind of food for best health

In the era of beauty, more and more people join the queue to pursue the perfect body shape, especially most women’s internal fatigue is getting more and more serious.5 kind of food for best health

Not only do you want a slender figure and long slender legs, so losing weight has become a hot topic for women, and whether you can successfully lose weight and achieve the purpose and effect of losing weight is closely related to keeping your mouth shut and stretching your legs. inseparable relationship.

When most people make up their minds to lose weight, they end up losing out to good food. Most people report that they are more likely to be tempted by food and more likely to have a strong sense of hunger during weight loss.

It is easier to feel hungry if you don’t eat staple food when losing weight. Most people fall into this contradiction because they are worried that eating staple food will affect the speed and effect of weight loss.

The more you eat the 5 kinds of staple food, the thinner you are, the wowatou is the last one, and many people don’t eat it at the top of the list, I hope you know it sooner
5th place: Wowotou

It is a relatively common staple food and coarse food. In the time of our ancestors, wowotou was a highly sought after food.

5 kind of food for best health
5 kind of food for best health

It contains a lot of dietary fiber and thick and thin fiber. It is made by mixing cornmeal and coarse grain noodles. It is extremely low in calories. The rich dietary fiber helps to enhance satiety, promotes gastrointestinal digestion and peristalsis, and reduces the burden on the stomach.

Therefore, during the weight loss period, if you are still struggling with whether to eat the staple food or not, you might as well eat wowotou as the staple food, I will make you eat more and lose weight.

4th place: black rice

White rice and steamed bread are two measures that are deeply hated by dieters.

In addition to eating wotou as a staple food during weight loss, black rice is also a good choice. Not only is it rich in dietary fiber and crude fiber, it can make you feel full, but it can also help food digestion and absorption, discharge toxins and waste, and help you lose weight. Effect.

3rd place: Corn

Corn is also a common crude fiber food, containing a lot of dietary fiber, which has the effect of promoting gastrointestinal motility, diuresis and edema.

Especially for women who are cold, eating corn properly can also play a role in eliminating dampness and coldness. The content of unsaturated fatty acids and amino acids is easily digested and utilized. Therefore, during weight loss, corn is used as a staple food to increase satiety, reduce calorie intake, and avoid fat growth. The weight loss effect is obvious.

No. 2: Oatmeal

Oatmeal is rich in nutrients, high in dietary fiber, protein and vitamins, among which the content of B vitamins is also very considerable, which has the effect of improving metabolism and promoting fat burning.

And it has a very strong sense of satiety, which is very suitable for office workers who have no time to eat breakfast.

benefits of eating oats meal
5 kind of food for best health

1st place: Purple potato

Many people are accustomed to eating sweet potatoes, and they don’t have much affection for purple potatoes.

In fact, purple potato is very rich in nutrients and also contains a lot of dietary fiber. There are also various ways to eat it, which can be steamed or boiled.

And the calorie content is extremely low, especially suitable for people who lose weight as a staple food, without worrying about calorie intake, it can also promote gastrointestinal motility and have a laxative effect.

The “three major mistakes” in weight loss must be avoided

Don’t be a vegetarian

Many people who lose weight have such a misunderstanding that eating meat is the main source of fat for weight gain.

Therefore, during the period of weight loss, the intake of meat will be deliberately reduced, and only some vegetables and fruits will be used to maintain it. You must know that such a diet and weight loss method is very wrong. It will lead to nutritional deficiencies for a long time, resulting in malnutrition and unsuccessful weight loss. Also drags down your health.

how to gain weight
how to gain weight

diet to lose weight

Dieting to lose weight is also the first weight loss method that many people who lose weight think of. The effect is obvious at the beginning. Just cook some green vegetables or low-calorie fruits to maintain it. You must know that the rebound effect will also make you afraid.

After a period of dieting to lose weight, it is easy to overeat, the rebound speed is even faster than your weight loss time, the cost is less, the endocrine disorder, the metabolism slows down, and it is easy to induce diseases.

jogging to lose weight

Diet does have a great impact on weight loss, and many people choose to run to lose weight, such as jogging.

Therefore, there is no more control on diet. Although jogging can consume a certain amount of calories in the body, diet is the main source of calories, and the calories consumed cannot reach the calories taken in. Even if you insist on jogging, the effect is not obvious.

what is the benefits of running
what is the benefits of running

Conclusion: I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of weight loss. Through diet control and other methods, the purpose of weight loss can be improved, such as aerobic exercise such as skipping rope or yoga, which is far more effective than a single diet or diet. Health, weight loss effect is more obvious.

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