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Aloe vera gel is a universal gel?

Aloe vera gel has been hot in the market for many years, and many skin care novices have been used by Amway. It is said that this artifact can replenish water, moisturize, remove acne, remove prints, anti-allergies, sterilization, anti-inflammatory… It is almost a “universal glue”.Aloe vera gel is a universal gel?

So are these claims reliable?

Identify the true face of aloe vera gel

First of all, we must learn to distinguish the concepts of aloe vera leaf juice, aloe vera leaf juice powder, and aloe vera leaf extracts.

1. Aloe Vera Leaf Juice

Aloe vera leaves are peeled and juiced to get a sticky juice, that is, aloe vera leaf juice. , amino acids and enzymes.

Aloe vera gel is a universal gel?
Aloe vera gel is a universal gel?

Aloe vera leaf juice completely retains the main active ingredients of aloe vera and has a comprehensive effect, which can be used to judge the quality of aloe vera products.

2. Aloe Vera Leaf Juice Powder

The dried product of aloe vera leaf juice is called aloe vera leaf juice powder. The drying process will cause the loss of some active components of aloe vera leaf juice, and the effect of aloe vera leaf juice cannot be fully achieved.

3. Aloe Vera Extract

As for the ingredients extracted from aloe vera by other methods, it is called aloe vera extract.

During production, it is possible to extract the outer skin parts of the aloe vera leaves together. Compared with pressed aloe vera leaf juice, aloe vera extract may have more harmful components, which increases the risk of irritation.

 Aloe Vera Extract
Aloe Vera Extract

Therefore, when choosing “aloe vera gel” skin care products, try to choose products with aloe vera leaf juice as the main raw material. Its production process is more complicated, and aloe vera powder and aloe vera extract have their own shortcomings.

Aloe vera leaf juice ≠ aloe vera gel skin care products

However, aloe vera leaf juice and aloe vera gel skin care products sold on the market cannot simply be equated.

Aloe vera leaf juice is just one ingredient in aloe vera skin care products. To be effective, it first needs a sufficient concentration.

Many aloe vera products add a little aloe vera leaf juice or other aloe vera ingredients, and then desperately exaggerate the publicity. For example, if a conspicuous number such as 92% is marked on the outer packaging, consumers mistakenly think that 92% of the products are aloe vera gel. It’s a steal concept.

The real meaning of 92% sometimes means that the dosage of a certain raw material is 92%, and this raw material is often composed of multiple components. For example, a typical Aloe vera leaf juice has 5 components: water, butanediol, Dipropylene glycol, aloe vera leaf juice, phenoxyethanol. What is the specific content of aloe vera leaf juice in this raw material? No idea, maybe 10%, then the true content of aloe vera leaf juice is only 9.2% (92% times 10%). This practice deliberately confuses the content of compound raw materials with the content of a single ingredient, and is the most common routine in aloe vera gel products.

92% can sometimes also mean that the concentration of the purchased aloe vera leaf juice is 92%, but how much it is added to the product still depends on the ingredient list.

What are the benefits of using aloevera gel
What are the benefits of using aloevera gel

Learn to read the ingredient list

Consumers can roughly judge the amount of aloe vera leaf juice or aloe vera ingredients according to the order of the ingredients list.

If aloe vera leaf juice ranks behind carbomer or phenoxyethanol, it can be considered that the real content is very low, and it is difficult to have any amazing effects. Even if the appearance of such a product is a transparent jelly-like object, there is very little aloe vera in it. The jelly is actually prepared with a thickener such as carbomer, not the jelly of aloe vera itself. The phenomenon of rubbing mud easily occurs.

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