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benefits of sprints running

It is obvious that you cannot run when the Spring Festival comes?

That’s because the heart and lungs have decreased significantly, resulting in the lack of physical fitness. Secondly, during the Spring Festival, the food is abundant, and the stimulation of tobacco, alcohol and betel nut has a great impact on the human body. I saw a lot of students, their weight rebounded, and when they started running, their running posture was a little unstable, they swayed violently from side to side, their breathing was disordered, and their legs and feet were sore and weak. Faced with this problem, my suggestions are as follows:benefits of sprints running

  1. Run less, run slower. I used to like half-marathon bottoming, but now 10 kilometers means so much! In the past, the 4 distribution was easy to control, but now it is a lot of effort, then the 6 and 7 distribution speed, adjust the transition.
  2. Run in groups, 10 kilometers in one breath before, now divided into two, 5 kilometers each time, rest for three minutes in between, buffer, replenish water and so on.
  3. Control the frequency of exercise. I used to run for three days and take a break; now it can be adjusted to run for two days and take a day off, or try to run the next day.
what is the benefits of running
what is the benefits of running

After the Spring Festival, what should I pay attention to when resuming running?

  1. Control exercise load. Run more aerobic, relaxed and not tired rhythm, let yourself recover slowly, don’t rush to the intensity, afraid of injury.
  2. Pay attention to the details of running, preparations before running, and recovery measures after running. The key is not to stay up late, and secondly, control the impact of tobacco, alcohol, betel nut, junk food, etc. on cardiopulmonary function.
  3. Pressure heart rate and steady rhythm. Don’t run away, just race. Do aerobic exercise patiently and let your body slowly return to its previous best state.
  4. Adjust your mentality. It is normal for you to rest for too long and your ability to decline. You can recover patiently. Don’t deliberately take the fast pace to the top.
  5. Jogging saves energy and builds confidence; that kind of willful running that is handsome but less than three seconds, try to do as little as possible, it is easy to destroy people’s mentality. Jogging and persevering, getting better and better, come on!
best time for running morning or evening
best time for running morning or evening
  1. After the Spring Festival, the heart rate is high, what should I do?
  2. Reduce the load and run at a stressful heart rate, regardless of the pace. For example, only run at a heart rate of 140, with a distribution speed of 7 and 8. No matter how slow it is, you should shake it slowly.
  3. Stay up late and adjust your biological clock. Go to bed early, wake up early, stay healthy! For example, for a morning run, it is recommended that you fall asleep before 22:00.
  4. Adjust the breathing frequency, inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth, breathe evenly, do not take a big breath, let the cold air have a preheating process in the nasal cavity.
  5. Don’t run too often and cause physical fatigue. Running with fatigue, the heart rate is easy to burst, it is recommended to combine running and rest, appropriate exercise, and reasonable rest.
  6. Run more aerobics, strengthen your physical fitness, and lay a solid foundation. This is the best choice for you to reduce your heart rate. The same pace lower heart rate, the same heart rate faster, usually lower resting heart rate.

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