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Benefits of training middle pectoral muscle

Is it necessary to train the pectoral muscles? First give a rough answer: it is necessary. In his book “Fitness Complete Book”, the bodybuilding god Schwarzenegger described the scope of a “perfect chest” as follows:Benefits of training middle pectoral muscle

The perfect chest includes: a large ribcage; thick pectoralis major, medial and lateral; upper and lower chest, well developed.

1. What bodybuilders call the “middle pectoral suture” is the inner part of the pectoralis major.

Deep-sunk chest, clear midseam muscle lines, and even a “drawing” effect, such a chest is of course more beautiful. Therefore, generally speaking, the higher the requirements for the chest shape and the fullness of the chest muscles, the more necessary it is to train the middle seam of the chest muscles. The question is, does everyone have to practice the center seam, at the beginning?

Benefits of training middle pectoral muscle
Benefits of training middle pectoral muscle

2. In different training stages, the necessity of “training the gap” is also different.

I once met a senior bodybuilder who participated in fitness competitions, and his point was: If you are just starting out, you only need two-differentiation (push training, pull training) or three-differentiation training (chest, back, Just do the most basic strength training movements such as bench press, squat, and pull-down first, which is enough to get a good body shape.

What he means is that novices should focus on laying a solid foundation, including the basics of strength training movements, basic body types, and a certain amount of training fitness. After reaching a certain level of training, “finely sculpted” small muscle groups and small parts.

Novices who are just starting to train will definitely go through a process of finding a sense of power and a “pump”. Before I found them, I often encountered such a situation: it was obviously a barbell bench press, the chest muscles did not feel, and the forearm was too tight and sore to bear. In this case, to practice the “middle pectoral muscle” is to pull the seedlings and encourage them, and it is too ambitious.

Benefits of training middle pectoral muscle
Benefits of training middle pectoral muscle

For the shaping of detailed parts such as the “middle pectoral muscle”, the exerciser needs to have the basic training action standard in place, have a good sense of force, be highly focused during training, and usually be accompanied by a strong “pump”. These are all newcomers. lack of training ability. Therefore, strength trainers at different training stages have different requirements whether to deliberately train the “middle pectoral muscle”: novices are necessary.

Will veterans practice the middle seam? Most of the senior trainers I have come into contact with can practice, but some people think that as long as a few basic chest training movements are well practiced, the inner side of the pectoralis major will naturally form a more beautiful shape. People who hold such a view will not deliberately practice the middle seam of the pectoral muscles.

3. Different training goals have different “training gap” necessity.

Watchers, do you often hear people say something like this: I don’t want to become a big muscle like a bodybuilder, as long as I have some muscles and good lines? And put aside the question of “whether you can develop a big muscle mass”, if you just want to “have a little muscle and a good line”, then there is no need to practice “middle chest”.

As mentioned by some people above, if your goal is not a devil figure, or to participate in bodybuilding or bodybuilding competitions, you just want to be an ordinary bodybuilder quietly, then use chest and leg three-division training , Practice three to five times a week, it is enough.

Specific to the chest, barbell bench press, dumbbell bench press, equipment press (different pressing equipment), parallel bar arm flexion and extension, supplemented by incline, incline and other angle changes, it is enough to make you practice obvious chest groove . The so-called “middle pectoral raphe” is not an independent unit in terms of physiological structure, but an area that we artificially form in terms of concept and vision. As long as you can practice the basic movements mentioned above well, the entire chest muscle has a large enough circumference and fullness, and the chest groove or the middle seam of the chest muscle will be formed naturally, and there is no need to train it deliberately.

Different training goals have different "training gap" necessity.
Different training goals have different “training gap” necessity.

In the final analysis, your body type requirements and ultimate goals determine the degree of your requirements for the “middle pectoral muscle”. When you’re a novice, you don’t need to focus or train your pecs. Only when you want to build a proud figure, or want to participate in fitness or bodybuilding competitions, then deliberate midseam training is really necessary.

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