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Benefits of wearing sunscreen on face everyday

Summer is here, sunscreen is a very important step in the skin care routine, and sunscreen has become an essential cosmetic, but many people don’t know how to use sunscreen for the best effect. Seeing that many girls are scrambling to apply sunscreen to their faces and bodies before going out, the editor wanted to come forward and tell me, you did something wrong, sunscreen is not used like this. There must be many girls who don’t use sunscreen correctly, so let me tell you the correct way to use sunscreen!Does sunscreen need to be used every day?Benefits of wearing sunscreen on face everyday

Does sunscreen need to be used every day?
Does sunscreen need to be used every day?
  1. Use sunscreen all year round. Many people must be like the editor who used to use sunscreen only when the weather is hot, because our skin can be easily tanned by the sun. In fact, not only in summer, no matter what season, even on cloudy days, the power of ultraviolet rays cannot be underestimated. Although it is not visible now, melanin gradually accumulates in our body, which will affect the skin over time.
  2. Before using sunscreen, clean the skin first, and then apply toner. If you have dry skin, you can apply a layer of lotion after applying lotion, and then use sunscreen.
Does sunscreen need to be used every day?
Does sunscreen need to be used every day?
  1. Sunscreen must be applied evenly. Don’t just remember the face, but forget the neck, arms and other parts. Otherwise, we will find that we are all black except for our faces, which is also very ugly! Don’t forget behind the ears!
  2. Sunscreen should be applied about 20 minutes before going out, because sunscreen does not have the effect of sunscreen when it is applied, and it needs time for the skin to absorb. And sunscreen doesn’t last all day, so reapply it when you’re sweating a lot or after a few hours of sunscreen application.
  3. Do not mix sunscreens of various brands. In order to completely protect their fair and delicate skin, many people use several brands of sunscreens to pursue better sunscreen effects. This approach is wrong. Mixing various brands of sunscreens will not only exclude each other and not achieve the desired sunscreen effect, but may also cause allergies. In fact, many good sunscreens have good sun protection effects, and you don’t need to use so many products.
  4. Use makeup remover. Don’t think that you need to use makeup remover only when you have heavy makeup. You still need to remove makeup after using sunscreen and sunscreen, so as to avoid sunscreen residue on the skin, clogging pores, causing various problems such as rough skin or acne.
how often should you apply sunscreen indoors
how often should you apply sunscreen indoors

The correct use of sunscreen, we can do not be afraid of the sun, not afraid of the sun!
Steps to use sunscreen:
Before sun protection, you need to do a good job of cleansing, and you need to choose different types of facial cleansers, facial cleansers, and facial soaps according to different skin types. Under normal circumstances, dry skin should use moisturizing type; oily skin should use refreshing texture and oil control type; combination skin should use both.
Toner and hydration are a must, because the ingredients in sunscreen will absorb a lot of moisture from the face. If the face does not have enough moisture, it will cause the skin to age prematurely. After rubbing the toner, you need to gently pat your face to promote the absorption of the toner.Benefits of wearing sunscreen on face everyday

how often should you apply sunscreen indoors
how often should you apply sunscreen indoors

The amount of lotion does not need to be too much, about the size of a dime coin. Most of the lotions are designed for dry skin, so oily skin MM should pay attention to it, be sure to choose the label: refreshing. The author suffered a loss once and bought a bottle for dry skin. In addition, the wiping method of the lotion is not applied all over the face, but from the driest area. Use the pads of your fingers, not the palm of your hand, to help spread evenly.
Because the ingredients of many sunscreens are relatively greasy, the author himself usually uses a primer first, and then applies the sunscreen. In addition, many sunscreens also have sunscreen effects, but in the case of strong ultraviolet rays, they are far from the sunscreen requirements.
sunscreen cleaning
The sunscreen on the body and skin can be directly bathed in hot weather, but the sunscreen on the face should use a makeup remover, which must be used. In theory, the sunscreen should also be removed with a makeup remover.

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