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Best diet for cancer patients

Cancer has always been a topic that people talk about. With the improvement of medical level and the improvement of detection, more and more people have been diagnosed with cancer in their bodies, and their lives have been seriously troubled.Best diet for cancer patients

Best diet for cancer patients
Best diet for cancer patients

In medicine, cancer refers to malignant tumors originating from epithelial tissue, which is the most common type of malignant tumors. Correspondingly, malignant tumors originating from mesenchymal tissue are collectively referred to as sarcomas.

There are a few malignant tumors that are not named according to the above principles, such as Wilms tumor, malignant teratoma, etc. The “cancer” commonly referred to by people is used to refer to all malignant tumors.

Cancer has biological characteristics such as abnormal cell differentiation and proliferation, uncontrolled growth, invasiveness and metastasis. Its occurrence is a complex multi-factor and multi-step process, which is divided into three processes: carcinogenesis, cancer promotion, and evolution. Infection, occupational exposure, environmental pollution, unreasonable diet, and genetic factors are closely related.

Of course, I hope that everyone can develop good eating habits and living habits in daily life. You might as well learn about the following five alkaline foods, which may have a certain immunity to your body! Prevention is better than cure!

Best diet for cancer patients
Best diet for cancer patients

These 5 “alkaline foods” are recommended to be eaten regularly to help prevent cancer and fight cancer, or be beneficial to health


The reason why sesame paste can be called “brain gold” is because of its unique nutritional value, which is mainly reflected in the “four highs” among the many nutrients it contains: high calcium, high iron, high protein and high linoleic acid .

Moreover, it also has the effect of protecting liver and anti-cancer. Sesamin has a strong antioxidant effect in the body, and has the effects of lowering blood pressure, anti-oxidation, lowering cholesterol and anti-cancer.

Black nightshade

Solanum nigrum, also known as Solanum nigrum, also known as black seed vegetable, eggplant, physalis, black beet, is a nightshade plant of the Solanaceae family, with upright stems and many branches, and its leaves are oval or heart-shaped, resembling peppers Leaves, apex pointed.

In summer, it will open small white flowers, 4-10 into cymes, spherical berries, dark purple when mature.

benefits of eating black nightshades
benefits of eating black nightshades

Nightshade has anti-cancer effects. Nightshade contains a lot of alkaloids, and is rich in vitamins and minerals, which can supplement the nutrition in the body. Nightshade has certain anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects.

Solanum nigrum has a certain improvement effect on chronic cancer diseases. When suffering from chronic bronchitis or urinary system diseases, solanum nigrum can be used to improve.

In addition, nightshade can also be used for treatment when there is a bruise or high blood pressure.

pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are essential nutrients for the normal functioning of the nervous system and help produce GABA. When the brain is tense or in other unfavorable states, it can improve the emergency ability of the brain.

Pumpkin seeds are also a very good natural food for men. The high content of zinc and the formation of dehydroepiandrosterone help prevent prostate cancer.

benefits of eating pumpkin seeds
benefits of eating pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seed extract and pumpkin seeds, in turn, can treat benign prostatic hyperplasia and enlarged prostate. In addition, the seeds of pumpkin can improve the regulation ability of insulin and effectively prevent the occurrence of diabetes.

In addition, pumpkin seeds are also rich in a large amount of easily digestible protein, which is conducive to the stability of blood sugar. Pumpkin seed oil also contains phytonutrients that help prevent kidney disease and diabetes.

eggplant skin

Eggplant has anti-cancer effects. More and more evidences show that eggplant has anti-cancer function. A non-toxic substance extracted from eggplant has been tested for the treatment of gastric cancer and cervical cancer.


Eating mulberries can play a certain role in preventing cancer and anti-cancer, because mulberries contain the effect of preventing the spread of tumor cells, which is a very good auxiliary food for preventing cancer cell lesions. In general, mulberries have high nutritional value. The post is very helpful.

In addition, dried mulberries are also very good. Anti-cancer and anti-cancer is one of the important effects of dried mulberries. It contains resveratrol, which can reduce the formation of cancer cells in the human body and also have a positive effect on the formation of blood clots. Strong blocking effect, so dried mulberry is a natural health care product.

benefits of eating mulberry
benefits of eating mulberry

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