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Can eyelash growth fluid make eyelashes grow?

Everyone has a love for beauty, and a pair of long-awaited eyes paired with thick eyelashes fluttering and fluttering is simply irresistible! So many people love to try various methods to thicken their eyelashes.Can eyelash growth fluid make eyelashes grow?

Do various eyelash growth liquids work?

Let’s start with the growth cycle of hair. Eyelashes are a type of hair, so they must also follow the law of hair growth. For example, its growth cycle is also divided into growth phase, regression phase and resting phase.

   Do various eyelash growth liquids work?
Do various eyelash growth liquids work?

But eyelashes have their own peculiarities – they are particularly prone to breakage after reaching a certain length.

Can Makeup “Grow” Eyelashes?

So we thought of using various ingredients and products on eyelashes. The principles are roughly divided into three categories: one is to make eyelashes more conspicuous; the other is to make eyelashes less prone to breakage; the third is to promote the growth of eyelashes.

The first category of products that claim to make eyelashes “thick” and “slender” is usually a film-forming agent or colorant attached to the eyelashes, which physically makes the eyelashes appear thicker and longer, but does not make the eyelashes really grow.

Can Makeup "Grow" Eyelashes?
Can Makeup “Grow” Eyelashes?

The second category of products claims to “nourish” eyelashes, and usually contains some oil. For example, some people find that applying the oil in vitamin E capsules on their eyelashes will indeed make the eyelashes grow a little longer. The reason is that after the eyelashes are moisturized and protected by oil, the time of breaking is delayed and naturally becomes longer. This has nothing to do with absorbing nutrients, just like shoe polish applied to leather shoes, no matter how expensive leather shoes are, it is impossible to absorb any nutrients.

The above two types of products belong to ordinary cosmetics, which are generally safe, but cannot really promote eyelash growth. In fact, in the “Cosmetics Classification Rules and Classification Catalog” issued by the State Food and Drug Administration, there is no efficacy category of “promoting eyelash growth”. So far, the State Food and Drug Administration has not approved any cosmetics that claim to have the effect of promoting eyelash growth.

Certain medications can promote eyelash growth

What really boosts eyelash growth is drugs such as prostaglandins. It has been clinically confirmed that some patients will experience eyelash growth, increase, and thickening after using bimatoprost, travoprost and other drugs to lower intraocular pressure. This has been written in the instructions as an adverse reaction of the drug.

Certain medications can promote eyelash growth
Certain medications can promote eyelash growth

These phenomena are adverse reactions to lowering intraocular pressure, but they are a definite effect for eyelash growth, so some merchants thought of changing the package of drugs into cosmetics, and the function changed from lowering intraocular pressure to eyelash growth. groups to make money.

Be cautious when using drugs to grow eyelashes

after all, drugs are used to treat diseases. From the perspective of consumers, it is uncertain whether there will be risks in long-term use.

From the manufacturer’s point of view, substances such as bimatoprost and travoprost have not been included in the “Catalogue of Used Cosmetic Raw Materials”. Raw material registration or filing, otherwise it violates the relevant provisions of the “Cosmetics Supervision and Administration Regulations” and should be prohibited.
Therefore, consumers must not seek temporary beauty at the expense of health.

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