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Can I lose weight by walking for 3 hours a day

Lose food for half a year, don’t go out to restaurants, eat dinner in moderation, and walk for 3 hours a day to exercise, can you lose weight? At first glance at this plan, it should be no problem for people to lose weight. But after careful scrutiny, the effect is hard to say. Come on, let’s see what’s wrong with this scheme.Can I lose weight by walking for 3 hours a day

Problem 1: The operability is not strong and the rationality is insufficient.
Regardless of the scientific nature of this program in terms of exercise and diet, in terms of practical operation, most office workers cannot:

 Can I lose weight by walking for 3 hours a day
Can I lose weight by walking for 3 hours a day

(1) It is normal to order takeout occasionally when you are busy at work. Many times, it is out of frustration. For example, you are too busy to go out at noon. If you don’t order takeout, you have to bring your own meals or eat instant noodles;

(2) Friends or colleagues who do not attend a celebration dinner for certain things may hurt friendship, such as team building activities, friends’ weddings or birthday banquets, annual meetings, dinners for business needs, etc.;

(3) Moderate dinner. To what extent is “temperance” considered abstinence? ;

(4) Walk for 3 hours a day. Few people have so much time for exercise every day.

From the above analysis, no matter how good the weight loss effect of this program is, it is not suitable for most people who want to lose weight, because the operability is too poor. Almost every measure can not be done, what is the weight loss effect!

1. Can I lose weight by not eating takeout, going to restaurants, and restraining my dinner?

The answer is “not necessarily”. Do not eat takeout, do not go to restaurants, just reduce the “uncontrollable factors” that may lead to obesity in the daily diet, but do not consider the three meals and the diet outside the three meals. We can find many examples in our life where some people rarely order takeout and eat in restaurants, but they are still overweight or obese.

From the perspective of diet control, the focus is on “how to eat correctly”, not on whether to order takeaways or eat out. The so-called “eating right” means that people who lose weight should adopt at least one scientific diet method for weight loss, such as low-calorie method, low-carb method, low-glycemic index method, low-fat method, etc. for a period of time.

Once the dieter adopts the correct dietary principles and strictly implements them, even if they order takeout, eat out, and eat snacks, since all diets are controlled under the scientific dietary principles, they can still achieve the goal of losing weight.

As for “dinner abstinence”, it is a meaningless concept. If the dieter does not define the specific meaning of “moderation” (is it according to a certain dietary principle or method) and put it into practice, then the “dinner moderation” by feeling is equivalent to “intemperance”.

 Can I lose weight by walking for 3 hours a day
Can I lose weight by walking for 3 hours a day

2. Can I lose weight by walking for 3 hours?

The reason many people think “3-hour walking” will help you lose weight is because “3 hours” sounds long enough. However, the quality of exercise to lose weight is at least related to three factors: exercise duration, exercise intensity, and exercise frequency. Even if the frequency of exercise (walking every day) and the duration of exercise (3 hours each time) meet the basic requirements for weight loss, exercise intensity is still critical.

Our body always adapts to exercise. If the “3-hour walk” only adopts the normal walking speed, that is to say, its exercise intensity is very low, and the body hardly needs to adapt, so the weight loss effect will be very general, even if walking every day 3 hours with the same result. That’s why there are so many aunts who are keen on square dancing, but there are always a few who are good and slender, because the overall exercise intensity of square dancing is too low.

suggestion is to change the 3-hour ordinary walking exercise to 1-hour alternating fast and slow walking or increase the exercise of the up and down sections, while controlling the heart rate between 60% and 80% of (220-age), Only then can a certain weight loss effect be ensured, and after the body adapts, it is necessary to continuously upgrade the exercise program.

 Can I lose weight by not eating takeout, going to restaurants, and restraining my dinner?
Can I lose weight by not eating takeout, going to restaurants, and restraining my dinner?

After the above discussion, the answer given by Yu Xingjun is obvious: not eating takeaway, not going to restaurants, eating moderately, and walking for 3 hours a day for exercise does not guarantee success in losing weight. Within a period of time (such as 2 months), adopt a scientific diet method, and at the same time cooperate with a step-by-step exercise program (to ensure that the exercise intensity, exercise frequency, and exercise duration all meet the requirements), the operability will be stronger and the effect will be better. good. As for time-consuming and ineffective exercise regimens like “walking 3 hours a day”, throw them away!

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