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Don’t forget these points for spring skin care

As the saying goes, a day’s plan is in the morning! In fact, in terms of the four seasons, spring is like the morning of every day, so we should also pay attention: the “muscle” of a year lies in spring! Don’t forget these points for spring skin care

Spring is a very important time for skin care.

Let’s take a look at what to pay attention to in spring skin care!

  1. Gentle cleaning In this beautiful season of spring, isn’t your mood also wonderful? Do you wear beautiful makeup every day to go shopping? Although makeup makes people look more temperamental, cleaning after makeup is also very important, and it must be thoroughly cleaned. In fact, no matter whether you make up or not, cleaning is very important, especially now that the season is changing, we need to pay more attention to the word “gentle” when cleaning, so as to ensure the cleaning power and avoid skin damage.
 Don't forget these points for spring skin care
Don’t forget these points for spring skin care
  1. Moisturizing As the saying goes, water is the source of life, and for the skin, dehydration is the root cause of most skin problems. Now that it is spring, the temperature is gradually rising, the sebaceous glands are relatively active, and the skin is more prone to dryness, because more attention needs to be paid to replenishing moisture for the skin; in addition, moisturizing should be done while replenishing moisture to slow down the rate of skin moisture loss.
  2. Beware of Chunmin Spring is coming, and now it is the season of changing seasons. Many people’s skin conditions are very unstable, becoming more and more fragile, and they are prone to symptoms such as redness, dryness and itching when they are slightly stimulated. Moreover, with all kinds of flowers blooming in spring, people are more likely to develop allergic dermatitis, so spring skin care needs to beware of “chun-sensitivity”.
  3. Don’t forget sunscreen Don’t think that you don’t need sunscreen in spring, after all, sunscreen is something that needs to be adhered to all year round! Although the sunshine in spring is relatively soft, ultraviolet rays exist all year round. If you do not pay attention to sun protection for a long time, it is easy to damage the skin cells, so that the cells secrete more melanin, resulting in dull skin and uneven skin tone. In addition, UV rays can also damage skin cells, thereby accelerating the skin aging process, so don’t forget to sunscreen in spring.
  4. Avoid staying up late Staying up late is the devil, and staying up late brings more than dark circles to the skin. Frequent staying up late can easily make the skin condition plummet, promote oil secretion, accelerate moisture loss, accelerate the aging process, and cause dry lines, dryness, roughness, acne and other problems on the skin. All in all, we need to pay more attention to skin care in the spring. In addition to the points mentioned above, we should also use suitable skin care products in our lives to make our skin better and better.

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