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Drink tea and drink water which one is healthier?

Water is the source of life. Every creature living on the earth cannot do without the nourishment of water. Even the “drink 8 glasses of water a day” health regimen appears in the health circle. Drink plenty of water to provide enough water for the body. The body’s normal life activities can only be maintained by meeting the needs of the body’s various organs and tissues for water. Drink tea for a long time or Drink boiled water for a long time. Drink tea and drink water, which one is healthier

Some people don’t like to drink boiled water, thinking that plain water tastes no taste. Drinking a few mouthfuls is enough to moisturize your mouth and not feel thirsty. As long as you are not thirsty, they will not drink water. Time to drink these beverages containing pigments and additives will bring harm to the body.

Drink tea and drink water, which one is healthier?
Drink tea and drink water, which one is healthier?

Some people know that they don’t like to drink boiled water, but in order to replenish water for the body, they choose to drink tea, such as black tea, green tea, etc. The aroma of tea can calm the mind and calm the body, and also make the water tasteful and not difficult to swallow. In addition, drinking tea also has the effect of health preservation, which is of great help in maintaining good health.

1.What are the benefits of drinking plain water?

A. Speed ​​up the body’s metabolism and enhance immunity

Bacteria and viruses are ubiquitous in our lives. If the body’s metabolism is slow, the garbage and toxins in the body cannot be metabolized and excreted as soon as possible. It is likely to destroy the immune system, reduce immunity and disease resistance, and thus be affected by diseases.

Drink tea and drink water, which one is healthier?
Drink tea and drink water, which one is healthier?

Develop the habit of drinking water in daily life, which can be absorbed by the body through the cell membrane of the human body, increase the activity of lactate dehydrogenase, and effectively improve the body’s anti-virus and immune capabilities.

B. Protect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health

Drinking plenty of boiled water can dilute the blood, reduce the thickness of the blood, ensure smooth blood circulation, prevent thrombosis from clogging blood vessels, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Especially the middle-aged and elderly people must develop a good habit of drinking plenty of water. , Nourish the intestines to lax, prevent the appearance of constipation

C. Promote gastrointestinal motility

The normal operation of every organ and tissue in our body is inseparable from the participation of water, including the stomach and intestines. The stomach and intestines require a lot of water to digest and absorb food. Ensuring enough water every day can reduce the gastrointestinal and gastrointestinal movement. Burden and promote gastrointestinal motility.

Drinking a glass of boiled water on an empty stomach after waking up in the morning can wake up the organs and wake up as soon as possible from a sleepy state. It has the effect of clearing the intestines, detoxification and beauty, preventing constipation, and expelling the stool in the intestines as soon as possible.

D.Detox and lose weight

A glass of water in the morning can help people detoxify and lose weight. Just because of this benefit, I believe that many women who love beauty have begun to develop the good habit of drinking water. To manage your figure by drinking water, you have to pay attention to it. Drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach after getting up in the morning can effectively clean up the intestinal waste and help excrete the stool.

Drink tea for a long time or Drink boiled water for a long time
Drink tea for a long time or Drink boiled water for a long time

Drinking a glass of water before meals can increase the feeling of fullness, reduce the intake of other foods, and control the total calories you take in a day, thereby having the effect of losing weight.

2.What are benifits of drinking tea ?

A. Protect the stomach

Tea contains more alkaline substances. Drinking tea often can improve the acidic environment of the intestinal tract, thereby reducing the damage of gastric mucosa caused by gastric acid. In addition, drinking tea can also maintain the balance of intestinal flora and help digest food. People with frequent constipation can also relieve symptoms by drinking tea

B. Prevent tooth decay

Tea contains surface active factors. The biggest effect of these substances is anti-inflammatory and sterilization. Drinking tea after meals can prevent tooth decay, and active factors are easily oxidized by air. Drinking tea after meals can protect teeth, clean residual food residues, and prevent bad breath. The appearance of bad mouth odor.

2.What are benifits of drinking tea ?
2.What are benifits of drinking tea ?

C. Protect the skin and resist ultraviolet rays

The tea polyphenols in tea is a water-soluble substance. Drinking tea often can reduce the damage of the sun’s ultraviolet rays to the skin. It can be said that it is mainly the cheapest and effective sunscreen product.

Beauty-loving women insist on washing their face with tea water every day, and they will find that their skin pores become more and more delicate, their skin is smooth and white, and they can clean up the oily dirt and bacteria remaining in the pores, and play a role in anti-aging and beautifying the skin.

D. Prevent elevated blood lipid levels

The lipase in tea can effectively decompose the fat in the liver, thereby reducing the workload of the liver and accelerating liver metabolism. The most obvious benefit is that the cholesterol content in the blood is significantly reduced. The habit of drinking tea can effectively prevent the increase in cholesterol. A series of chronic diseases such as hyperlipidemia caused by.

E. Improve memory

The tea polyphenols and caffeine components in tea are beneficial to the brain nerves, especially the tea polyphenols, which can enhance brain memory, and for students and office workers who often use the brain, it can improve the efficiency of work and study.

Related foreign studies have found that caffeine can prevent and treat neurological diseases, especially Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, caffeine can also promote central nervous system excitement and has a refreshing effect.

F. Improve bone density

Although tea contains a small amount of caffeine, calcium is excreted from the body in urine, even black tea with a relatively high caffeine content is only 30 to 45 mg per cup. The most content in tea is substances that can reduce the loss of calcium in the body, including phytoestrogens and potassium.

2.What are benifits of drinking tea ?
2.What are benifits of drinking tea ?

Researchers in Taiwan have found that people who drink tea often have higher bone mineral density and a lower risk of hip fractures.

3.Those who drink tea for a long time or those who drink boiled water for a long time, which one is healthier?

Listen to what the doctor says
There are pros and cons to drinking tea or boiled water, but some people are not suitable for tea, the following types of people are not suitable for tea:

A. Patients with gastric ulcer

Tea itself is a strong irritant to the gastric mucosa. It will stimulate the stomach and increase the secretion of gastric acid. Gastric ulcer patients are caused by excessive gastric acid secretion, so people with gastric ulcers are not recommended to drink tea.

B. Pregnent women

It is not recommended for women to drink tea during pregnancy. If you like to drink tea, try to choose low-concentration green tea or scented tea. Pregnant women drinking tea will easily affect the normal development of the fetus in the abdomen.

Drink tea for a long time or Drink boiled water for a long time
Drink tea for a long time or Drink boiled water for a long time

Relevant scientific research has proved that if pregnant women drink five cups of black tea a day, a series of risks such as a drastic decrease in fetal weight, an increase in the probability of fetal neural tube malformation, and dysplasia, have a great impact on the pregnant woman itself and the fetus in the abdomen.

C. People who are taking drugs

Drinking tea during the medication period will greatly reduce the efficacy of the drug. The tannic acid in the tea and the alkaloids in the drug will act to produce a precipitate that is insoluble in water. This will reduce the efficacy of the drug and make it difficult to treat diseases. effect.

4. when is it better to drink water ?

Remember the three principles: take a small amount and drink frequently, and don’t wait until you are thirsty.

when is it better to drink water
when is it better to drink water
  1. Wake up for a cup in the morning to effectively compensate for water consumption at night and reduce blood viscosity;
  2. Take a cup between work to effectively relieve work pressure;
  3. Take a cup one hour before a meal to effectively stimulate the secretion of digestive juices and promote appetite;
  4. Take a cup at night before going to bed to effectively prevent the increase in blood viscosity at night.

Whether it is better to drink tea or boiled water, you must choose according to your own situation. After all, both tea and boiled water have their own advantages and disadvantages. Do you like to drink boiled water or tea? Feel free to leave a message below.

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