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Five food for women skin whitening

Many women are dissatisfied with their skin and always think about whitening. It can be said that whitening is something that women are more concerned about. And we also know that there are many ways of whitening, exercise, skin care products and diet are all good choices. So do you know what to eat to whiten? Today, I will briefly introduce several whitening foods to you from the diet. It is recommended to eat more often.Five food for women skin whitening

1st: Lemon


What can women eat to whiten their skin? In fact, you can choose to eat some lemons. You must know that lemon is recognized as a whitening food. Because lemon contains vitamin C and calcium, lemon is also one of the raw materials of cosmetics and skin care products. Using lemon as a facial mask can also have a whitening effect, and it can be used both internally and externally.

Second: carrots

Do you like to eat carrots? Eating more carrots can help your skin care. It is said that carrots contain a lot of pectin substances. This substance can not only combine with mercury, so that harmful ingredients in the human body can be eliminated, and the skin looks more delicate and rosy.

Third: Kiwi

benefits of eating kiwi for skin
benefits of eating kiwi for skin

There are more vitamin C and vitamin E in kiwi, and this ingredient can eliminate dullness in the skin. Eating kiwi can also prevent constipation, so eating kiwi can whiten skin.

Fourth: Sweet Potatoes

If you want to whiten you can choose to eat some sweet potatoes. It is said that sweet potato contains a lot of mucin, vitamin C is also very rich, the content of vitamin A is close to the content of carrots. Eating sweet potatoes often can lower cholesterol, reduce subcutaneous fat, supplement deficiency, replenish qi, strengthen the spleen and stomach, and invigorate kidney yang, thus contributing to skin care and beauty.

Fifth: Cherry

benefits of eating cherry
benefits of eating cherry

Cherries are very beautiful from the outside, and cherries are rich in vitamin C, which can nourish and beautify the skin. Eating cherries for a long time can improve the skin, and cherries can resist the formation of melanin. It is best to eat cherries if you want to have white and red skin.

The above is a detailed introduction about what to eat to whiten. The editor wants to say that eating more of the above foods is good for the skin.

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