Five typical symptoms of sub-health

I believe that many of my friends are struggling with hair loss, insomnia, fatigue, etc. In fact, this is a typical sub-health. Nowadays, many friends in life have sub-health status, but most people don’t know it. In fact, sub-health is symptomatic. If you have the following conditions, it may be that sub-health has come to your door. Friends, you may wish to take a look.Five typical symptoms of sub-health

First: hair loss

Five typical symptoms of sub-health
Five typical symptoms of sub-health

Do you often worry about hair loss? I believe that many people have hair loss problems, so you know? There are many reasons for hair loss, but it may also be sub-health, especially women’s sub-health is more prone to hair loss.

Second: insomnia

What are the symptoms of sub-health? Many people have insomnia problems, and some people may have insomnia caused by stress, and some may be insomnia caused by drugs and other factors. Have you ever thought that sub-healthy people will also suffer from insomnia? Insomnia. In fact, the quality of sleep of this type of people will be significantly reduced, so they are prone to insomnia and dreaming.

Third: Fatigue

Do you always feel very tired? Do you feel very tired when you move a little? In fact, this may be caused by sub-health. Generally speaking, sub-healthy friends often suffer from lack of experience due to weakness, resulting in inability to concentrate, so they are prone to fatigue.

Fourth: Dizziness and headache

illness and headache
illness and headache

If you belong to the sub-health group, it may cause dizziness and headache. Generally speaking, sub-health patients often feel dizzy and headache, but they can return to normal after a period of conditioning.

Fifth: slow thinking

slow thinking
slow thinking

Do you know the symptoms of sub-healthy people? Generally speaking, sub-healthy people are often slow in thinking, because such people are in a state of hypoxia, which will lead to poor thinking and memory loss. Oh.

The above are the typical symptoms of sub-health. If you have the above symptoms, it means that you are suffering from sub-health.

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