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Four tips to improve health and reduce anger in summer

With the continuous improvement of living standards and the continuous enhancement of health awareness, the public’s attention to health preservation has been continuously increasing.Four tips to improve health and reduce anger in summer

This is mainly because only by actively taking care of health care can we truly ensure good health and effectively prolong life.

 Four tips to improve health and reduce anger in summer
Four tips to improve health and reduce anger in summer

However, many people do not know enough about how to properly maintain health.

Especially on the issue of health preservation in summer, many people will fall into the misunderstanding of health preservation due to too one-sided cognition of body maintenance, which has a considerable adverse impact on physical health.

The following will give you a detailed introduction to the four common misunderstandings about summer health care that are most likely to step on thunder.

1. Excessive exercise

As we all know, if you want to maintain good health, you cannot do without active exercise.

Excessive exercise
Excessive exercise

However, this does not mean that the greater the amount of exercise, the better, especially in the summer when the weather is relatively hot. If you exercise too often without considering the actual situation, it is easy to cause excessive sweating and excessive physical fatigue. Cardiac arrhythmia, dizziness, limb weakness and other adverse symptoms.

Therefore, in the process of exercising in summer, everyone must control the amount of exercise reasonably, and pay more attention to sports venues.

For example, when the outdoor temperature is high and the sun is strong, it is necessary to avoid physical exercise outdoors for a long time, otherwise it is likely to cause physical discomfort due to heat stroke.

2. Taking a long nap

In summer, because the days are long and the nights are short, it is very necessary to develop a good nap habit, otherwise it is likely to cause excessive sleepiness in the afternoon, which will have a negative impact on work efficiency or study efficiency.

Taking a long nap
Taking a long nap

However, the duration of naps must be reasonably controlled. Under normal circumstances, the daily nap time should be arranged between 13:00 and 15:00, and the duration should preferably not exceed 40 minutes.

Otherwise, it is easy to cause dizziness and trouble waking up due to entering deep sleep, and to a certain extent, it is likely to increase the probability of insomnia at night.

3. Excessive hydration

The impact of adequate hydration on human health is very large, especially in the midsummer season when the weather is hot and sweating is high.

If you drink too little water, it is likely that the body will have many uncomfortable symptoms due to the lack of water.

However, although drinking water is good, it is not necessarily better if you drink more. Under normal circumstances, for adults, the daily water intake should be controlled between 1500~2000ml.

Excessive hydration
Excessive hydration

And in the process of drinking water, you must follow the principle of drinking a small amount of time, small sips slowly, and don’t choose to drink too much water at one time in order to save time. This approach is quite dangerous.

In addition, it is best to drink warm boiled water in summer, and do not overly prefer ice water or iced drinks that are too low in temperature, which can easily cause adverse stimulation to the stomach and blood vessels.

4. Eating too little

Many people will have very serious loss of appetite due to rising temperatures and feeling bored after the beginning of summer;

At this time, some people may choose not to eat for a long time or eat too little because of the wrong idea that the less they eat, the less the digestive burden, which is more conducive to preventing stomach problems. This is very undesirable.

In fact, the long-term fasting problem caused by eating too little can easily cause serious damage to the gastric mucosa. If things go on like this, the incidence of gastric diseases is likely to increase instead of decreasing.

Eating too little
Eating too little

The above is an introduction to the common misunderstandings of summer health care. We must pay more attention to the precautions related to health preservation, and we must allocate sufficient time to actively learn the correct knowledge of health preservation, so as to avoid serious damage to health due to entering the misunderstanding of health preservation, which is very worthwhile.

Especially for middle-aged and elderly friends with poor physical fitness, they must actively develop correct health habits, otherwise it is likely to lead to a further decline in body immunity and resistance, which will be very unfavorable for prolonging life.

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