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How does it feel to implant a fertilized egg?

What women who are trying to conceive is anxious to know is that they do not know when the fertilized egg will implant after intercourse, and how they will feel and symptoms during implantation. The most important thing is to know if they have succeeded in becoming a mother, waiting for the result. During this period of time, I must have been uneasy in my heart, anxious to know the result, and worried about being disappointed.How does it feel to implant a fertilized egg?

 How does it feel to implant a fertilized egg?
How does it feel to implant a fertilized egg?

Is there any feeling of fertilized egg implantation?
In fact, when the fertilized egg implants, most women do not feel it. After all, it is just a small fertilized egg, which cannot cause any big storms. Only a small number of women will have a small amount of vaginal bleeding, or slight vaginal bleeding. There is basically no special feeling of cramping. If you want to know whether the fertilized egg has implanted, it is best to pass some tests.
How do you know if a fertilized egg is implanted?
After the sperm and egg meet and combine, it will take about 6-7 days to return to the uterine cavity. After careful selection, a fertilized egg is selected to be implanted in a suitable place. After the fertilized egg is successfully implanted, the female body will also receive it. When such a signal is received, then the hormone levels will change, these hormone levels will rise rapidly, and then the fertilized egg can be known through blood tests and morning urine tests with early pregnancy test strips.
① Pregnancy can be determined by detecting the level of chorionic gonadotropin in the female body about 10 days after intercourse.
②After 2 weeks of intercourse, pregnancy can be determined by testing the level of chorionic gonadotropin in urine by means of early pregnancy test strips.
However, this can only tell that the fertilized egg has implanted, and the pregnant mother has successfully conceived. Other conditions must be known by doing other tests, such as b-ultrasound. It is recommended that pregnant mothers go for a test after about 50 days of pregnancy. At this time, the B-ultrasound can clearly see the fetal heart and fetal buds, and some conditions such as ectopic pregnancy can also be ruled out.

How does it feel to implant a fertilized egg?
How does it feel to implant a fertilized egg?

1. What happens to the body after the fertilized egg implants?

After the fertilized egg implants, the pregnant mother’s body also undergoes some changes due to changes in hormone levels:

  1. Menstruation stops. Changes in hormone levels after pregnancy cause the mother’s menstrual cycle to stop, until the mother’s hormone levels return to normal.
  2. Frequent urination and constipation. The uterus is in the middle of the bladder and the rectum. After pregnancy, the volume of the uterus begins to increase, and the changing chorionic gonadotropin will make the digestive function of the pregnant mother worse, causing the pregnant mother to urinate frequently and constipation.
  3. Increased secretions. After pregnancy, the cervix and surrounding tissues become congested, causing increased secretions.
  4. Chest pain. The breasts also begin to adjust and become softer and larger. The pregnant mother will find that the nipples become darker, the areola becomes larger, the whole breasts feel full and painful, and the nipples feel tender.
  5. Increased body temperature. After a woman ovulates, her basal body temperature rises by 0.3 to 0.5 degrees, and if conception is successful, this temperature will continue until three months into pregnancy.
  6. Vomiting. Changes in hormone levels can cause pregnant mothers to decline in digestion and become abnormally sensitive to smells, so pregnant mothers always feel nauseated and want to vomit.
    Of course, these changes will vary with the physique of the pregnant mother. Many pregnant mothers will feel tired and lethargic. Some pregnant mothers will feel particularly sore in the waist. These changes will probably appear around 4-6 weeks of pregnancy, and normally disappear after 12 weeks of pregnancy.
What happens to the body after the fertilized egg implants?
What happens to the body after the fertilized egg implants?

In short, the implantation of a fertilized egg is not a big feeling, but many pregnant mothers can feel nausea, vomiting, lethargy, fatigue and other symptoms in more than 20 days of pregnancy. I am a lazy mother, a mother of a second child, and an original author on multiple platforms. I have been in the parenting circle for many years, focusing on motherhood and parenting answers. Follow me to learn more. The picture comes from the Internet, and the infringement is deleted.

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