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How i get more love from my life partner

Why the more you love someone, the less they love you?

Professor of Normal University said: “Love is thinking of one’s heart, marriage is to tie one’s heart, and love is to swallow one’s heart.”

When you love someone, you want to occupy everything. Some loves are too selfish. If you can’t be calm, you can easily fall into the confusion of love.

The more you want, the more you will lose. If you don’t know how to restrain yourself, everyone will leave you.

You take love too seriously, and you lose your due judgment. If you don’t think about yourself, no one will care about your efforts.

The management of any relationship cannot be based on the premise of sacrificing yourself. You must know how to weigh the pros and cons.

Why the more you love someone, the less they love you? Psychology found the truth.

How i get more love from my life partner
How i get more love from my life partner

Writer once said: “Loving someone will make you humble into the dust, but if you put yourself too low and bury yourself too deep in the dust, you won’t be able to see the sun after all, and this kind of love will not bloom, let alone bear fruit. “

You can’t be too humble to love someone, and you can’t get any mercy for your servility.

You think you can enter the other person’s inner world, but the other person doesn’t take you seriously at all.

Once you fall into the confusion of love, it will only exacerbate your own pain.

You always rack your brains to make the other party happy, but the other party is just having fun.

You are willing to be each other’s umbrella, but the other party has been using your feelings.

You think the other person can respond to you in the same way, you are just morally touching yourself.

No one can take care of your joys, sorrows and sorrows, and you are always trying to be smart.

In this relationship, you naturally put yourself in a lower position, and you never think about your own feelings.

You are willing to be a cow and a horse, you are asking for trouble.

It’s too humble to be humble, and you can only endure the other’s bad temper in silence.

It is impossible for the other party to change, he has already figured out your disposition.

He is relying on you to love him, he is relying on your humiliation, and he will not leave because of you.

He started doing whatever he wanted, he never took you to heart.

How i get more love from my life partner
How i get more love from my life partner

You fell into emotional confusion, but the other party never took it seriously.

You pushed yourself into dire straits, but the other person never considered your mood.

When you’re in trouble, you realize you’re useless.

It is impossible for the other party to appear by your side, and it is impossible to help you.

You still have to face the pain alone, and the other party’s existence is useless.

You stand on a lonely street and realize that you have nothing.

Once you propose to break up, the other party turns around and walks away. He won’t have the slightest nostalgia, leaving only you alone.

He won’t try to get it back at all, you’re just an optional distraction to him.

He won’t waste energy on you, and he won’t make a big deal about this little thing.

The attitude of the other party makes you instantly understand, and you also realize that you are ridiculous.

You will no longer be easily emotional, you have long been in pain.

In this relationship, whoever moves first will lose.

You endure humiliation for an unworthy relationship, and you will lose everything in the end.

Why the more you love someone, the less they love you?
Why the more you love someone, the less they love you?

When the water is full, the overflow will be reversed. Only by empathy can avoid conflicts.

Writer wrote in “Books and Swords of Enmity and Enmity”: “The extreme of wisdom will be hurt, the deep love will not last, and the extreme will be humiliated; a humble gentleman is as gentle as jade.”

Overly persistent feelings will not last long, and those who are too affectionate are prone to worry about gains and losses.

You have to calm down like a modest gentleman in order to enjoy life with peace of mind.

Too much love can only backfire. Superfluous love only creates stress, and no one can feel your well-intentioned.

If you always carry out moral kidnapping in the name of love, the other party will just keep resisting.

There is an unbridgeable gap between the two, and the two will only drift further apart.

Life is your own, and everyone has a certain life trajectory.

While loving him, you must know how to respect him, and you must not ask too much.

You think that your over-expression can arouse the opponent’s competitiveness, but the other party will only be helpless under the heavy pressure.

Why the more you love someone, the less they love you?
Why the more you love someone, the less they love you?

The other party tries to escape from your control, and the relationship between the two is getting more and more tense.

You are too persistent, you want to express your feelings too much, you have not considered the other person’s ability to bear, and you have turned love into pressure.

Not everyone can reach the exact same situation, you don’t have to be hard on others.

If the other party has done the best they can, you must accept it calmly.

Life can’t be smooth sailing, everything has to be done slowly.

Only after experiencing the ups and downs of the process can we witness that love is more valuable than Jin Jian.

Don’t get too close to each other, and keep a certain amount of personal space for each person.

Don’t let your sharp edge stab each other, and the two must maintain just the right distance.

No matter how much you love, express it in a reasonable way.

Love is not a bondage, you have no right to trap the other person’s footsteps. Maybe your starting point is good, but excessive behavior will only arouse the other party’s dissatisfaction.

If you can’t keep your balance, the other party will only get more and more disgusted.

If you love someone, you can’t be too lenient, and you should also respect the other person’s choice.

Why the more you love someone, the less they love you?
Why the more you love someone, the less they love you?

Only by managing your own little world with your heart can you embrace the future without change

I like the words of writer very much: “No matter what, it is always unforgivable for a person to fall for excuses. The more no one loves, the more you must love yourself.”

When you learn to love yourself, you can treat others in a better way.

Establish a correct view of love, will not be impulsive.

Don’t be blinded by the enthusiasm of love, you must make a reasonable judgment.

Always put yourself first. You don’t panic in love by confirming your existence.

You have a life of your own, and you don’t treat love as the whole world.

Focus on your own improvement in order to become a qualified lover.

As the pattern continues to expand, you can realize your own insignificance.

Two people should not only become intimate lovers, but also life partners who fight side by side.

Two people with the same three views will go all out for a common goal, and the future will definitely shine.

As long as the two hearts are closely attached to each other, there is no need to care about the physical distance.

As long as two people walk together, they can overcome all difficulties and obstacles.

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