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How to control corn ground aphids?

Corn ground aphids are common diseases, how to control corn ground aphids?
The general adverse effects of corn fields, the types of insect pests and the methods of chemical fertilizer control are summarized as follows:
Underground pests (grubs, nematodes, mealybugs, etc.): Seed dressing with 70% thiamethoxam coating agent, 70% acetamiprid WP or film coating with the coating agent with the above components can be reasonable Manipulate underground pests. At the same time, it has a certain regulating effect on whitefly, cotton aphid and striatellus in the seedling stage.

How to control corn ground aphids?
How to control corn ground aphids?
  1. Corn borer: Comprehensive utilization of straw in autumn in summer corn area of ​​the Huanghuai-Hai River reaches, and Beauveria bassiana packing is carried out in spring corn area in northern region 15 days before winter generation to pupate in spring, to reduce the number of corn borer larvae in winter. In the early stage of the winter generation nymph masks, use sexual attractants to trap, and use lights to trap during the peak hours of the mask. Trichogramma is released in the early stage of egg laying of corn borer. When the reproduction rate of corn borer eggs reaches 30%, Bt traditional Chinese medicine preparations are sprayed. In the late stage of heart leaves, topdressing Bt or chlorpyrifos or phoxim granules to fill the heart, or apply cyhalothrin sprayer. It can be marketed to promote the technology of preventing corn borer by spraying Bt traditional Chinese medicine preparations with railing sprayers.
  2. Corn cotton aphid: spray acetamiprid or pymetrozine with a walking railing crop sprayer in the early stage of spot occurrence and full bloom.
How to control corn ground aphids?
  1. Corn spider mites: In areas with preconditions, implement flood and drought rotation, and weed immediately to solve the initial habitat of spider mites. When spider mite spotting occurs, prevention should be carried out immediately. Sprayers such as abamectin, propargite, pyridaben, hexythiazox, and acetamiprid can be used or mixed and sprayed effectively. At the same time, add 1 % urea solution water can have the effect of repairing the foliage and improving the control effect. The sprayer is the key to preventing the reverse of the middle and lower foliage in corn. It can market and promote the high-efficiency mite control technology of railing sprayer or fog machine.
  2. Corn stalk rot: plant disease-resistant varieties. Use fluticillium? Nail Art Cream Floating Coating Film Coating reduces morbidity.
  3. Corn brown spot: use disease-resistant varieties. Apply base fertilizer and fertilize in moderate fractions to improve plant disease resistance. Reasonably close planting, improve the transparency of the field, reduce the incidence level or delay the occurrence period. In the early stage from the heart lobe to the silk scraping stage, the leaves can be sprayed with propiconazole; difenoconazole, mancozeb (full complex state), thiophanate-methyl, pyraclostrobin, pyraclostrobin Ester and other drugs, depending on the disease state, spray once every 7-10 days, 2 to 3 times in total.
How to control corn ground aphids?
How to control corn ground aphids?
  1. Corn sheath blight: Use disease-resistant varieties. Fusion soil hoeing and weeding peel off the tip petioles and expose the stems, which can alleviate the disease. In the early stage of the disease, 5% Jinggangmycin or 40% sclerotium net 1000 to 1500 times liquid can be sprayed on the stem base petiole, once every 7 to 10 days.
  2. Maize rough dwarf disease: In the area where the rough dwarf disease occurs, it is necessary to prevent the inter-planting of wheat and summer corn; the late sowing of summer corn at the appropriate time can effectively control the occurrence of corn dwarf disease. After maize is planted and before germination, organic chemical weeding is carried out to “block” and “kill”, and at the same time add parathion methyl insecticide to solve the habitat of the rough dwarf virus virus transmission medium Phyllphus striatellus.

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