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How to get rid of stiff neck in 30 seconds

There are many friends in life who often have neck stiffness and pain after waking up. In fact, this is a common stiff neck. Stiff neck is usually caused by factors such as sleeping position or cold infection, so you know what to do if you have a stiff neck? In fact, you can try the correct recovery method after a stiff neck. The following is a brief introduction.How to get rid of stiff neck in 30 seconds

First: hot compress

How to get rid of stiff neck in 30 seconds
How to get rid of stiff neck in 30 seconds

In fact, you can choose hot compress after stiff neck. Generally speaking, hot compress is to improve blood circulation by promoting blood circulation. Therefore, it is recommended to wrap the neck with a hot towel for 5-7 minutes. After applying once, it can be repeated after 20 minutes. Repeat the application about 3 times. But keep in mind that, generally speaking, the hot compress can only be used after 24 hours of stiff neck.

Second: massage

massage around neck
massage around neck

Friends with stiff neck can choose massage. Massage can help promote blood circulation and help improve pain. Therefore, those with stiff neck can massage Hegu, Chengshan, Fengchi and so on.

Third: bow your head

When you are trapped by a stiff neck, you might as well exercise your neck well, such as bowing your head and looking up. First straighten your chest, lower your head first, until your lower collarbone touches your chest, then tilt your head back, pause for three seconds, and then lower your head. Do this 20 times.

Fourth: retractable neck

What are the correct recovery methods after stiff neck? In fact, you can try to stretch the neck. The first is to raise your head and chest, and then stretch your neck directly upwards as much as possible, and then retract it backwards. This way back and forth 20 times can help improve neck problems.

Fifth: shake your head

shake your neck
shake your neck

Try shaking your head when you’re stuck with a stiff neck. The first is to directly droop the hands, and then the head starts to swing left and right. Generally speaking, it can be swayed about 20 times in a row.

The above is about the correct recovery method after stiff neck. The editor wants to say that when you have stiff neck, you might as well try these effective methods. These can help improve cervical spine problems and allow you to recover quickly, friends. You can try it.

NOTE: If you have more problem then contact to your doctor,i am only provide a knowledge.Kindly consult to your doctor for your problems.

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