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How to get rids of Dry and oily skin in summer season, young, adult, middle aged

In summer, some girls’ skin is prone to become oily and dry, that is, the oil is particularly serious in the T-zone, but the cheeks on both sides are very dry. What is going on with this phenomenon? What is the reason? How can it be improved?How to get rids of Dry and oily skin in summer season, young, adult, middle aged

Dry or oily skin, what is it?

Dry or oily skin has a great relationship with the secretion and excretion of the skin. The secretion and excretion of the skin are mainly completed by the sweat glands and sebaceous glands. The sweat glands secrete sweat, and the sebaceous glands excrete sebum. Sweat flows to the skin surface through sweat gland ducts, and sebum flows to the skin surface through hair follicles and sebaceous gland ducts. The two are mixed and emulsified to form a weakly acidic sebum film that covers the skin and plays a moisturizing role.

Dry or oily skin, what is it?
Dry or oily skin, what is it?

Normal people sweat to the same extent every day, but they are far from oily. If the sebaceous glands are particularly developed and the sebum secretion is very strong, the whole face will appear oily, and it will be accompanied by large pores, blackheads, closed acne and even acne. On the contrary, if the sebaceous glands are underdeveloped, the secretion of sebum will be less, and the skin will be more delicate. The most fortunate is the neutral skin, not too much sebum, neither prone to breakouts nor wrinkles

What factors affect the sebaceous glands?

From the above analysis, it can be seen that the oily or dry skin is mainly affected by the sebaceous glands, so what factors will affect the sebaceous glands?

① Hormones

Various hormones (such as androgens, progesterone, estrogen, glucocorticoid, pituitary hormone, etc.) have the greatest impact on the secretion of sebaceous glands. Among them, androgens can accelerate sebum synthesis, while estrogens can reduce sebum secretion.

②External factors

In addition to the internal factor of hormones, the sebaceous glands are also related to many external factors.

For example, the higher the temperature, the more active the sebaceous glands, so it is easy to produce oil in summer, but the opposite is true in winter.

  ②External factors
②External factors

It is also related to diet. Generally speaking, people with a light diet will not be active when they have oily skin. On the contrary, greasy and spicy will not only make the sebum secretion strong, but also change the composition, especially sticky, easy to block the pores and form acne.

In addition, factors such as sleep, work and rest will also have an impact on sebum secretion. For example, after staying up late, I feel that the whole person’s complexion is particularly bad. One of the important reasons is that the endocrine system will instruct the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil, making the complexion look Dull, no spirit.

Why does my skin appear greasy and dry?

Since the temperature is high in summer and the sebaceous glands are very active, why does the skin appear greasy and dry? This starts with uneven distribution of sebaceous glands and improper skin care.

The distribution of sebaceous glands on the face is uneven. Generally speaking, there are more sebaceous glands in the T-shaped area, that is, the forehead, nose, chin and other areas, and less on both sides of the cheeks. Due to the lack of moisturizing of the sebum film in the cheek area, even if the moisturizing work is done well, or there is a lot of sweating, the water is simply attached to the surface of the skin and easily lost to the air, and the air will produce oil as usual, resulting in oily skin. dry again.

In addition, improper skin care in summer can easily aggravate the problem. In summer, many young consumers like to use some cleansing products with strong cleaning ability to wash their faces very dry and clean, without any greasy feeling, or even astringent to the touch. However, such a powerful cleansing product is very unsuitable for both cheeks. There is not much sebum film, and if it is so powerfully destroyed, it will not be able to retain moisture, and it will be easier to make both cheeks feel dry.

How to care for oily skin in summer

Once the cause of oily and dry skin is found, the countermeasures that we can take are ready.

  How to care for oily skin in summer
How to care for oily skin in summer

First of all, it is necessary to do the basic work of cleaning and moisturizing correctly. Do not use cleaning products with strong cleaning power. After washing your face, you should feel a little moisturizing. If it feels very dry, it is already over-cleaning.

Secondly, we must do basic moisturizing and hydrating work. The hydrating here is not simply a slap in the face with a moisturizing toner or gel, but a slightly moisturizing lotion to replenish oil and strengthen the existence of the sebum film. Sensation and reduce water loss.

The last thing is to use some skin care products with oil-controlling ingredients on the T-zone. However, after all, skin care products are only for external use, and it is difficult to have a substantial impact on the sebaceous glands. More importantly, it is necessary to gradually adjust and play through internal factors such as diet and rest. effect.

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