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How to improve our nasal lines

Three way to improve nasal lines

Wrinkles are the traces of time on the face. As you get older, all kinds of wrinkles get deeper, especially the nasolabial folds that make you look older. Is there any way to relieve nasolabial wrinkles?How to improve our nasal lines

Nasal folds, also known as nasolabial grooves, are linear grooves that appear on the sides of the nose and lips.

 How to improve our nasal lines
How to improve our nasal lines

Causes of nasolabial folds

There are many reasons for its formation, most of which appear with aging, especially with age, collagen is lost, and nasolabial lines appear on the face unknowingly. If sunscreen and moisturizing are not done well, nasolabial lines will come faster.

Sudden loss of weight, excessive weight loss, or frequent exaggerated expressions, the loss of collagen on the face will also cause nasolabial lines.

There are also some people who have obvious nasolabial folds at a young age, which are generally caused by the lower bone part under the nose. To improve this nasolabial fold, the only way is to pad the depression at the bottom of the nose through medical aesthetics.

 How to improve our nasal lines
How to improve our nasal lines

In the face of nasolabial folds, what should we do?

①Medical beauty

The most immediate effect is medical beauty, especially injection. Hyaluronic acid or autologous fat can be used if the depression is not serious. If the depression is particularly severe, a prosthesis should be considered. People who like to make exaggerated expressions can inject botulinum toxin.

Ultrasound scalpel, thermal lift, dark blue radio frequency and other means can stimulate collagen production, make facial contours rise, and remove superficial nasolabial folds.

②Skin care products

Skin care products can help prevent nasolabial lines, especially sunscreen and moisturizing skin care products. Sun exposure will not only cause spots, but also accelerate the breakdown of collagen, so be sure to do a full range of sun protection, including applying sunscreen cosmetics.

Anti-aging skin care products, whether expensive or cheap, can at most have a little auxiliary effect. They can do a good job of moisturizing and prevent the appearance of dry lines.

③ Adjust your lifestyle

First, sleep flat, not on your side. Sleeping on the side is not only good for the back, shoulders and neck, but also keeps the face natural, while sleeping on the side will lead to overlapping muscles.

 How to improve our nasal lines
How to improve our nasal lines

Secondly, don’t always hold your cheeks or bow your head, these habits will make the facial muscles asymmetrical and deepen the wrinkles. Don’t wink all day long, otherwise, even if you don’t have nasolabial folds, you will have other wrinkles.

As for the remedies and secret recipes spread on the Internet, such as lifting massage and scraping, applying cucumber slices or nasolabial tattoos, etc., it is not bad to try, at least they will have a little psychological comfort.

If you really have nasolabial folds, you don’t need to panic. Normal people will age. You don’t have to worry about nasolabial folds or other wrinkles. Just accept it with a peaceful mind

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