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How to lose weight effectively for young losers with a large base

How to lose weight for young women with a large base weight? There are two factors involved in this: large base weight, and youth. It is safe to say that both of these factors contribute to rapid weight loss. But the first step is not to directly start exercising or control your diet, but to find out whether you are a “big base weight”. The effect of weight loss has little to do with gender. Therefore, the weight loss strategies and methods discussed in this article are also suitable for male friends who want to lose weight.How to lose weight effectively for young losers with a large base

What is a “big base” weight?

The so-called “big base or small base” weight, “big or small” is an adjective without a clear boundary. For example, a weight of 80 kg is definitely a large base weight for most women, but for a man with a height of 180cm, this weight is very normal, and it is not a large base weight. It’s even a low weight for men who have been strength training for a long time. Obviously, the judgment of weight is related to each person’s specific height and gender.

If you must define the concept of “large base weight”, you might as well define the weight when you are obese as “large base weight”. Weight status is divided into thin, normal, overweight and obese. The standard weight calculation formula published by the World Health Organization is as follows:

Male standard weight kg=(height cm-80)×70﹪, female standard weight kg=(height cm-70)×60﹪.

Normal weight refers to within plus or minus 10% of the standard body weight. Obesity is defined as being more than 20% over the standard body weight. Take a girl with a height of 165cm as an example. Her standard weight is 57KG. If she weighs more than 68.4kg, she is obese. Then, it can be regarded as a “large base weight” as defined in this article.

Why is “large base weight and youth” conducive to rapid weight loss? First, there is a basic rule for weight loss: the higher the initial weight or body fat rate, the greater the subsequent weight loss; second, young people can withstand more intense exercise and diet control measures, to put it simply , Be tough on yourself, your body can take it. So, how to do it?

How to lose weight effectively for young losers with a large base
How to lose weight effectively for young losers with a large base

Step 1: Set stage weight loss goals

stage, how long? recommends setting a weight loss goal for 3 months, with a monthly weight loss of 5kg, then you need to lose 15kg in three months. Oh no no no! Another basic rule of weight loss is “fast before and slow”, not at a uniform rate. So, you can assume that the monthly weight loss for three months is like this: 5kg, 3kg, 2kg. In other words, a total of 10 kg of weight loss in three months.

Take this girl with a height of 165cm as an example. Assuming that the initial weight is 70 kg, it will be 60 kg after three months, and it has returned to the normal weight range. Some women may not be satisfied with the “10kg weight loss in three months” goal. In fact, losing 10kg in three months is enough to make a surprising change in the girl’s appearance.

In addition, since the average weight loss per week is controlled within the range of 0.5 to 1 kg, although it seems a bit slow, it is a healthier and reasonable weight loss rhythm, and it is not easy to rebound, and the body is more likely to accept this kind of “calm”. change”.

How to lose weight effectively for young losers with a large base
How to lose weight effectively for young losers with a large base

The second step: change the pattern to participate in aerobic exercise

At this time, the advantages of youth are manifested. The only thing girls with a large base should consider is to protect their knee joints, not to participate in long-term running exercises, and to participate in other aerobic exercises. Especially in schools, where there are many sports facilities and many companions, it is too easy to participate in physical exercise.

As long as your body can handle it, you can exercise every day. Doing gymnastics today, yoga tomorrow, cycling the day after tomorrow, swimming the day after tomorrow, playing ball the day after tomorrow, etc. However, in the beginning stage, it is necessary to control the amount and intensity of exercise, and do not pursue how fast you run or how long you have exercised. Let yourself sweat a little bit more and have normal exercise fatigue. Adhering to regular exercise itself is much more meaningful than what sports you participate in, how long you exercise, and how fast you run

Step 3: Take care of your mouth

Keep your mouth shut, it’s not about eating less or going on a diet. The simple way is to control the intake of carbohydrates, especially the intake of carbohydrates in the evening. This method can effectively achieve the purpose of rapid weight loss in a short period of time. When combined with exercise, there is a superposition effect.

To make things a bit more complicated, estimate how many calories you’re eating in total each day and how many calories you’re consuming to make sure you’re running an energy deficit. It sounds a bit complicated, but fortunately, there are a lot of food and exercise calorie estimation software, just download and use it yourself. Although it is difficult to accurately estimate calorie intake and consumption, such estimates are basically sufficient.

It should be noted that not only the calorie intake of the three meals should be calculated, but all the food that comes into the mouth, including drinks, fruits, cakes, and various snacks, should be counted. Sometimes casual snacks tend to be surprisingly caloric. For example, the calories of some chocolates can reach more than 800 kcal (per 100 grams), while the average person can only consume about 600 kcal of aerobic exercise for on

what is the benefits of doing plank
what is the benefits of doing plank

Two weight-loss reference plans for “young and large-base” dieters

Plan 1: Pure aerobic exercise plan (suitable for beginners)

Cardio sessions five times a week, including three gym spinning classes and two aerobics classes. This is much more effective than exercising at home to lose weight. Diet plan, it is recommended to eliminate snacks and appropriately reduce the intake of carbohydrates in the evening. Valid for three months.

Option 2: Strength training plus aerobic exercise (suitable for exercisers with a little sports foundation)

Exercise five times a week, 1 hour of strength training each time, plus half a small aerobic exercise. Women who are not very good at strength training can practice with a fitness coach, or find a boyfriend who loves fitness to practice together. After strength training, do a half hour of cardio. The dietary recommendations are the same as in Scheme 1. Valid for three months.

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