How to repair sensitive and damaged skin?

Friends who often read my articles know that the editor often associates damaged skin barrier with sensitive skin. However, if you really think that sensitive skin and damaged skin barrier are the same thing, you are wrong. It should be said that a damaged skin barrier may not necessarily lead to sensitive skin, but the skin barrier of sensitive skin must be damaged.How to repair sensitive and damaged skin?

In fact, even the so-called “sensitive skin” in medicine is not the same as “sensitive skin” caused by damaged skin barrier.

How to repair sensitive and damaged skin?
How to repair sensitive and damaged skin?

1.Skin Allergies and Damaged Skin Barrier

Medical “sensitive skin”, also known as “skin allergy”, is an objective constitution that exists for a long time and is difficult to change. It is like some people’s genes cause obesity easily, so even drinking water can be fat.

In contrast, “skin allergies” caused by damaged skin barrier, which is a temporary and ameliorable skin condition.

When facial skin is irritated, the skin develops symptoms of dryness, redness, scaling, tingling, itching, poor tolerance, etc. This is what I often refer to as “damaged skin barrier”.

Damage to the skin barrier can also exist in other people with non-sensitive skin. Whether it is dry, oily, or combination skin, people with skin allergies will also suffer from skin allergies due to damage to the skin barrier.

2.Causes of Damaged Skin Barrier

The factors of skin barrier damage are complex, including endogenous factors, exogenous factors, chemical factors, poor lifestyle, iatrogenic factors and so on.

1.Skin Allergies and Damaged Skin Barrier
1.Skin Allergies and Damaged Skin Barrier

Common endogenous factors include genetics, age, gender, ethnicity, etc. In short, genes determine everything.

Exogenous factors are various, including environmental factors, such as air pollution, seasonal changes, sunlight, temperature changes, etc.; chemical factors, such as cosmetics, cleaning products, disinfection products, etc.; lifestyle, such as stimulating diet, Alcoholism, etc.; mental factors, such as anxiety, depression, excessive stress, etc.; iatrogenic factors, such as topical stimulant drugs, frequent use of medical beauty items such as laser skin rejuvenation, etc.

In a word, the skin barrier is the foundation of skin health and plays an important role in maintaining the stability of the body’s internal environment and resisting harmful factors in the external environment.

1.Skin Allergies and Damaged Skin Barrier
1.Skin Allergies and Damaged Skin Barrier

If the skin barrier is damaged, it is not only as simple as showing skin sensitivity, but also the resistance to external pathogens and irritants will decrease, which will easily induce and aggravate skin-related diseases.

After the skin barrier function is damaged, bacteria, fungi, viruses and other non-pathogenic symbiotic bacteria on the skin surface will directly enter the dermis, be recognized by dendritic cells, present symbiotic bacteria antigens, activate the immune system, and then induce inflammation.

Therefore, when the skin barrier function is destroyed, many inflammation-related skin diseases, such as eczema, acne, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, etc., can develop or aggravate.

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