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Is it bad to sleep late but got 8 hours

The biggest lie in history is —– “I must go to bed early tonight”.Is it bad to sleep late but got 8 hours

Although I swear countless times during the day, when night falls, a late-night snack, a TV show, or a game will break this oath.

As the saying goes: stay up the latest night, apply the most expensive mask.

Is it bad to sleep late but got 8 hours
Is it bad to sleep late but got 8 hours

Everyone knows the harm that staying up late brings to the body, but they still can’t stop staying up late either actively or passively. For them, staying up late seems to be a ritualistic revenge.

However, when everyone is staying up late in revenge, sometimes they also consider—–what time do they go to bed and stay up late?

Go to bed late and wake up late for 8 hours, is it considered staying up late?

We all know that going to bed early and waking up early is good for our health.

But in order to judge whether a person sleeps well, it mainly depends on 2 points – whether he sleeps enough, whether he sleeps soundly, and there is no sleep disorder such as insomnia.

Is it bad to sleep late but got 8 hours
Is it bad to sleep late but got 8 hours

And this often does not actually have a fixed time. It is also enough to sleep for 8 hours. As long as the length and quality of sleep are guaranteed, “sleep at 2 o’clock and get up at 11 o’clock the next day” and “sleep at 11 o’clock and start at 7 o’clock” actually Not much difference.

Adhering to staying up late and waking up late does not count as staying up late, but the problem is that it is difficult for us to do it in actual life.

After all, Father Sun will not accompany us to “fall jet lag”, so let’s go to sleep according to the real time zone!

Can you undo the damage to your body through sleep supplementation?

 Can you undo the damage to your body through sleep supplementation?
Can you undo the damage to your body through sleep supplementation?

Going to bed after staying up late is only a remedy, and cannot make up for the damage to the human body caused by staying up late.

Modern people rarely get to rest on time, and staying up late is the norm. But as long as you stay up all night, no matter how you sleep, it will be useless and even more harmful to the body. Many people think that long sleep can compensate for the accumulated fatigue. In fact, this is a big mistake.

Proper sleep can restore physical strength and eliminate fatigue, but if you sleep too much, not only will it not eliminate fatigue, it will also affect your health.

When people are in deep sleep, their nerves and muscles are completely relaxed, and they wake up naturally refreshed. But if you can’t stay in bed after waking up, then the nerves and muscles are in a tense state, and going back to sleep will affect the mental state of the whole day.

what are the side effect of stay up late night
what are the side effect of stay up late night

Some people will experience dizziness and fatigue after sleeping for a long time, and in severe cases, they will experience poor diet, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, etc. This is because the human body spends most of the time in a light sleep or dreaming state, which is invalid sleep.

Sleeping for too long will cause the disorder of the body’s biological clock, making the body unable to make correct self-regulation, resulting in various discomforts.

Occasionally, it can be slow to make up for sleep, but the damage to the body caused by staying up late for a long time is still irreparable.

Although sleep can improve sleepiness, the damage to the endocrine system caused by staying up late is irreparable.

When people stay up late, the operation of the endocrine system will be affected, resulting in a decrease in the secretion of adrenaline and growth hormone, thereby affecting the metabolism of sugar in the body and the development of muscles.

what are the side effect of stay up late night
what are the side effect of stay up late night

If you stay up late for a long time, people will unconsciously gain weight, or become decent and weak, and the aging speed will be accelerated. People who stay up all night are prone to gain weight and become old.

One third of a person’s life is spent in sleep, and the process of sleeping is the time when certain organs of the body rest.

Long-term stay up late, the most obvious change in the body is the weakening of the immune system

Immunity is the “protective wall” of the human body. If the protection ability is weakened, the body may be attacked by bacteria or viruses.

If things go on like this, the physical condition will get worse and worse. Although the energy is restored after supplementing sleep, it does not improve the immunity. Therefore, the damage caused by staying up late will not be restored by supplementing sleep the next day.

Sleeping 1-2 hours less every day counts as staying up late?

Count, even if you go to bed early every day.

You know, long-term lack of sleep is more serious than staying up all night acutely.

According to research, reducing sleep by 2 hours a day for two consecutive weeks and not sleeping for 48 hours can greatly reduce the cognitive function of the brain, but it takes longer to recover from chronic sleep deprivation than overnight.

best way to improve sleep quality
best way to improve sleep quality

Although not everyone must get enough sleep for 8 hours, long-term lack of sleep seems to save time, but in fact it is not worth the loss.

All in all, I hope everyone can have a correct understanding of staying up late and making up for sleep. The damage caused by staying up late is irreparable.

Only by getting rid of the habit of staying up late can the harm to the body be reduced. Therefore, lack of sleep is very harmful to the body. We must develop good habits. Scientific work and rest is beneficial to physical and mental health.

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