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Is it harmful to take one tablet of vitamin C a day

Regarding vitamin C, you may have heard that “vitamin C supplementation can protect your eyes, and it can also change from black to white!” If you take one tablet every day, will it be harmful to your body?Is it harmful to take one tablet of vitamin C a day

Is it harmful to take one tablet of vitamin C a day
Is it harmful to take one tablet of vitamin C a day

What is vitamin C?

It is called ascorbic acid, propyl, and it is an over-the-counter drug and a type of nutritional supplement. Almost everyone can buy it at a pharmacy for a few dollars for a small bottle. Then there is the good taste, that is, the level of health care products, which can be purchased online.

It can also be supplemented by diet therapy, including lemon, tomato, winter jujube, orange, sour jujube, prickly pear, spinach, bell pepper, etc. Healthy people without disease can supplement it through diet without medication.

However, because each individual’s diet and vitamin C requirements are different, if you have symptoms of deficiency, you can take the ingredients of vitamin C supplements.

For infants and toddlers:

With the rapid growth and development of infants and young children, the content of vitamin C will also increase due to the developmental changes of the body. Once the intake and consumption of the body are not proportional, resulting in insufficient supply, vitamin C is more serious at this time, and it is easy to cause damage. blood.

According to the nature of vitamin C, it is mainly used as ascorbic acid to protect interstitial substances, including teeth, bone tissue, connective tissue, etc. For this reason, mothers should pay attention that in order to avoid aggravation of infants and young children, they should actively observe their physical discomfort, including no weight gain, pale complexion, general weakness, easy to be irritated, vomiting, diarrhea, and take the baby to Check in at the hospital and add the right amount of vitamin C according to the doctor’s advice.

best food for vitamin c
best food for vitamin c

For adults:

When adults have a long-term poor diet and insufficient intake of vegetables and fruits, they may experience bleeding gums, swelling, damaged skin and mucous membranes, prominent eyeballs, intracranial hemorrhage, and long-term diarrhea. If the symptoms are mild, you can choose the way of food supplements. If the symptoms are more serious, you should go to the hospital for examination and take vitamin C supplements.

If there is no vitamin C deficiency symptoms, it is not recommended to supplement vitamin C. If you take too much, there will be certain “side effects”.

best food for vitamin c
best food for vitamin c

According to the survey, excessive intake of vitamin C may also increase the probability of hyperuricemia. It is not recommended that you directly purchase high-content vitamin C or related effervescent tablets to avoid adverse effects.

In addition, for those who want to supplement vitamin C through diet therapy, because this nutrient is water-soluble vitamin C, it is recommended that you try to avoid long-term high temperature during the cooking process, especially vegetables. The way, if it is fruit, it is recommended to eat it directly, which can maximize the absorption of vitamin C.

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