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Love that can warm a lifetime often has these three characteristics

Love creates warm words and shares practical emotional knowledge Love that can warm a lifetime often has these three characteristics

The poet Heine said: “You ask me what love is, and love is a star shrouded in the morning mist.”

To love someone regardless of the result, to have love is to have all the warmth in this world.

When I was young, I longed for a loud and clear love, and when I was old, I longed for an obscure care.

To love someone is to the core, and all love is integrated into every bit of life.

No need for verbal proof, to love someone will be implemented into action.

Withstanding the beating of the years, the two of them are in the same boat.

Not only have to share the blessings, but also have to face the difficulties.

When you are old, you will understand, what does a love that can warm a lifetime look like?

Love that can warm a lifetime often has these three characteristics
Love that can warm a lifetime often has these three characteristics

I once heard this sentence: “The so-called appropriateness is probably: the three views are similar, the interests can be different, but never interfere with each other, have a chat, get along as naturally as being alone. This way, you are you, I am me. No It wouldn’t work without you, but it’s better with you.”

In this life, I don’t seek great wealth and honor, but only wish to have one person’s heart and head inseparable.

Being able to fall in love with a close person for a lifetime, life is full of warmth everywhere.

The two have common topics, and they will not be too boring when they get along.

When I had nothing to do, I chatted around the fire, and the exhaustion all over my body dissipated in an instant.

When they are busy, they go their separate ways, and when they have nothing to do, it is short for parents.

Everyday life is very comfortable, as long as you are with each other, you are full of comfort.

The two have enough tacit understanding, and they have already reached emotional resonance.

As soon as you stretch out your chopsticks, the other party will know what dish you want to serve, and when the other party gets up, you have already prepared breakfast.

Both are in a state of giving to each other, taking care of each other’s feelings all the time.

With the same goals as each other, two people can fight side by side.

Enough love is also suitable enough, enough cooperation and enough tacit understanding, you can give each other the tenderness they want, and the other party will cherish you from the bottom of their hearts.

Two people have not experienced the experience of falling apart in love, but they have harvested meticulous true love.

You can talk about a piece of food, you can eat a piece of rice, and wherever you go, it’s like glue. The relationship between the two is stronger than Jin.

There was no deliberate connection, but the two were never estranged.

Always put the other party in your heart, and always remember the other party’s advantages.

The soul has reached a state of high fit, and naturally becomes a cooperative partner in life.

Every movement goes with the flow, and the two feel safe together.

Love that can warm a lifetime often has these three characteristics
Love that can warm a lifetime often has these three characteristics

I like the words of writer Sanmao very much: “Real love is not nervous, that is, you can burp, fart, pick your ears, and runny nose without any scruples in front of him; the person who truly loves you is the one where you don’t wash your face, The person you see without combing your hair or makeup.”

When two people love each other enough, they can accept everything about each other calmly.

Regardless of advantages or disadvantages, everyone can be accepted with an inclusive attitude.

Even if the other person is not perfect, you can still accompany him to improve slowly.

Even if you are not good enough, the other party still loves you as before.

You have no scruples in front of him, and he has no fear in front of you.

The old couple has gone through so many years, and the two have long accepted the true appearance of each other.

You don’t have to pretend to be with him, you can move forward with confidence and fearlessness.

He can accept all your misery, and you won’t point fingers at him.

If you run into trouble, he will accompany you to solve it slowly.

The two are the most powerful support for each other, and the two heal each other’s wounds.

Your shortcomings are unique, and his personality is also unique. Two people are born different, and their life together becomes colorful.

Harmony while difference is the most valuable, and seeking common ground while reserving differences can achieve the ideal state of life.

Being able to tolerate each other, this relationship is full of warmth.

If you love one person, you won’t be preoccupied with each other, and two people are willing to go through fire and water for love.

what is love
what is love

A truly beautiful love will surely stand the test of time.

Being able to support each other in the ordinary life day after day, the truth as always is the most convincing.

Companionship is the longest confession of love, and forever is the best expectation.

When you love someone, you want to live your whole life, and the other person will definitely not live up to your true love.

The love that can warm a lifetime can best test the sincerity of two people.

After experiencing the hardships and obstacles of life, the two hearts can still rely on each other tightly.

If you identify this person in this life, you will not care about the ups and downs in front of you.

The power of love is enough to overcome everything, and you will hold your lover’s hand until the sea dies.

Even if life was a little tougher, the two never complained.

Encourage each other, support each other, be proactive and pursue common goals.

For the sake of a better life in the future, the two of them worked hard and worked hard.

Life is getting better and better every day, and life is slowly getting on the right track.

As long as there is a lover to accompany you, this life will be full of warmth.

As long as you hear the encouragement of your lover, you can move forward without fear and courage.

As the poet Chapman said: “I tell you, Eros is the second sun of all things. Wherever he shines, there will be spring.”

Being with a lover is like a spring breeze, a lifetime is too short.

It is not easy to be able to work together for the ideal and to have a loved one.

what is love attraction
what is love attraction

The two do not dwell on the past, nor fantasize about the future, just sit quietly and enjoy the beauty in front of them calmly.

Even if the two of them didn’t say a word, they could feel the calmness from the bottom of their hearts.

Companionship has become a habit, and if you love someone, you will stay by his side for the rest of your life.

Only after experiencing the ups and downs of love can you find your inner place of belonging in the displacement.

The past is like a smoke, and it is only by living in the present that we can grasp the beauty.

Lu Yao knows horsepower, and sees people’s hearts over time. True feelings need to be expressed slowly, and only one heart will be guarded for a lifetime.

After arguing for a lifetime, they are inseparable, and they are inseparable for a lifetime. They always despise each other, but they are always inseparable.

When you love someone to the core, the ups and downs are not worth mentioning.

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