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Often itchy ears but nothing comes out?

The ear is a very important organ of the human body. The importance of the ear is self-evident to anyone. It is precisely because of the ear that human beings can listen to the wonderful sounds of all things in the world and feel the beauty of nature.Often itchy ears but nothing comes out?

However, because the structure of the ear is relatively complex and secretive, it also adds a lot of mystery to the ear, so when certain problems occur in the ear, it is not easy to detect and makes people feel more panic and anxiety.

Often itchy ears but nothing comes out?
Often itchy ears but nothing comes out?

Especially in life, I don’t know if you have encountered this problem. When you are concentrating on doing one thing, you suddenly feel that your ear is particularly itchy. Earwax, but found nothing after stealing, many people will feel particularly curious, what is the reason for this?

1. Often itchy ears, but nothing comes out? Doctor: Or “suggesting” these questions


Because the structure of the human ear is relatively secretive and complex, and the ear is a relatively sensitive part, it is often exposed to the outside, and allergic reactions are likely to occur.

For people with more sensitive constitutions, allergens are different. Common ones are pollen, seafood, mango, and peanuts. Everyone has different characteristics of allergens. itchy condition.

Often itchy ears but nothing comes out?
Often itchy ears but nothing comes out?

Biological Corrosion

I don’t know if you have ever felt this way when you are sleeping, always feeling that there are many small earthworms or small ants crawling into the ear, which produces a strong itching feeling.

This is very likely to be a pathogenic bacteria or a living body that cannot be seen by the naked eye, which may cause itching of the ear when it enters the ear. Generally, for this situation, it is recommended that you seek medical attention in time to rule out biological and corrosion caused. Risk of ear disease.


Speaking of mites, I believe everyone has heard that mites are invisible microorganisms that often appear on people’s skin, pillows and mattresses.

If you do not pay attention to cleaning, it will lead to parasitic mites in the skin, and will also enter the ear and cause damage to the health of the ear. In addition, during the growth and reproduction process of the mites, there will be excretions and secretions, which will stimulate the ear canal. itching sensation

Often itchy ears but nothing comes out?
Often itchy ears but nothing comes out?

otitis media

If the ear is infected with otitis media, it may also cause local inflammation of the ear canal, otitis media, and pus and other secretions will also be produced during the disease process, which will irritate the ear canal and cause frequent itching of the ear.

Bacterial infections

Bacteria are ubiquitous in people’s lives, and they are invisible and intangible substances. If they are in a dry and hot environment for a long time, or in an environment with severe oil smoke for a long time, it will lead to bacterial and viral infections.

Because the ear is an open mouth, after a large number of bacteria and viruses invade, it will cause the breeding of bacteria and viruses, which will cause the ear itching feeling.

Bacterial infections in ear
Bacterial infections in ear

foreign body

Because the ear is complex and secretive, and the inside is narrow and tortuous, once a foreign body enters the ear, it is difficult to discharge the foreign body on its own by turning the head sideways or dumping it.

Staying in the ear for a long time will also cause itching of the ear. Once this phenomenon occurs in life, it is necessary to go to the ENT department for examination in time to remove the foreign body to avoid damage to the tissue of the eardrum.


Eczema is also a common skin disease in life. If the ear always feels unbearable itching, it should be considered as the cause of eczema in the external auditory canal.

Generally, the local skin will be damaged at the onset of the disease, most of them have red rashes, and the itching will also be obvious and repeated. It is recommended to seek medical examination in time, which can be relieved by drug treatment.

2. Do your ears need to be pierced often?

First of all, it is clearly necessary to tell everyone that earwax does not need special cleaning, why is this?

Earwax is not a useless excrement. It is an oily substance and can protect the skin of the external auditory canal and tympanic membrane.

In daily life, the chewing and jaw movements of humans when eating can help these secretions to be excreted by themselves, and do not need special cleaning.

Do your ears need to be pierced often?
Do your ears need to be pierced often?

If you frequently dig your ears with your hands and dig your ears excessively by mistake, it will cause damage to the inside of the ear and cause infection, which may seriously damage your hearing. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not always dig your ears unless necessary , to avoid damage

3. How can I better protect ear health?

Do not listen to music with headphones for long periods of time:

In life, many young friends like to wear headphones to listen to music. If they stay in this noisy environment for a long time, they will also cause vibration damage to their ears. If they listen to music and wear headphones for a long time, they will feel pain in their ears, so I remind everyone. Try not to wear headphones for a long time to avoid ear damage.

Do your ears need to be pierced often?
Do your ears need to be pierced often?

Try to pluck your ears as little as possible, and never use sharp tools to pluck your ears:

When picking ears in daily life, try to choose a special ear picking spoon instead of using sharp tools directly to avoid damage to the ears.

Daily attention to external ear cleaning:

People may easily ignore the ears, the outer ear, and the back of the ears because they can’t see, so many people don’t pay attention to cleaning, which will lead to a lot of dirt residues.

Over time, it will also cause the breeding of bacteria and viruses to give off peculiar smell, so it is recommended that when you wash your face, you can clean your outer ear more, especially behind the ear.

How can I better protect ear health?
How can I better protect ear health?

Take a bath, swim, and clean up the water in the ear in time:

When you wash your hair, take a bath or swim, you should accidentally put water into your ears, especially when the water is not clean, you must pay attention to clean it up in time to avoid ear inflammation. The water can be cleaned with a cotton swab.

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