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Signs she is not serious about you

No matter what we do, the people around us will always persuade us to be generous. It is true that we must have a broad mind, but it is not necessary to be generous in everything, especially for women.Signs she is not serious about you

Most women are persistent and confused when it comes to dealing with emotional issues. Compared with more rational men, once a woman is invested in her emotions, it is easy to lose herself. This is due to the psychology of women themselves. characteristics, and the limitations of the environment.

What most women want is actually very simple, they want a warm family, and they want the other person to love them wholeheartedly. However, we found that the more “stingy” women, the smoother their relationship.

 Signs she is not serious about you
Signs she is not serious about you

Treat desire “stingy”
Walter Cotim said, “Values breed confidence, confidence breeds passion, and passion conquers the world.”

However, most of the time, desires tend to bind value, unconsciously our confidence will be suppressed, and desires will continue to flood, and eventually eat us slowly.

Human nature itself is the pursuit of primitive desires, based on the principle of self-pleasure, and for most people, this kind of short-term happiness is the easiest to obtain. The reason why people are so different is that the key to self restraint.

Most of the women who can be like a duck in water in the relationship between the sexes can know what their needs are, they know what happiness they want, they can be content, and they can truly understand the truth that you cannot have both. When it comes to people and things, don’t be too harsh.

 Signs she is not serious about you
Signs she is not serious about you

Some women always want to want everything and get everything in a relationship, so that in the end, nothing can be done, because nothing can be perfect. In a relationship, if the desire is too heavy, it will be very difficult. Conflicts can easily arise.

Be stingy with “time”
Ford said, “From what I’ve observed, most people come to prominence when others are wasting their time.”

Everyone is a powerful magnetic field. When our aptitude and background are on the same level as others, all we have to do is to slowly improve ourselves. Only when our magnetic field is strong enough, can we be around us. attract more people.

 my girlfriend doesn't talk to me like she used to
my girlfriend doesn’t talk to me like she used to

Some people always complain that their circle is not good, but there is no way to get out of this circle. In fact, it is largely because they waste their time on some unnecessary things.

Time has a magical power, where we spend a lot of time, what we end up with is destined to be different.

Really smart women know how to spend their time on themselves, because any good relationship is attracted to us.

There are some readers who always like to complain about their current predicament in their circle of friends, and complain that their life is a mess.

When we look back at where she spends her time, she is almost always holding her mobile phone and chatting with friends, or sleeping. In such a state of confusion, it is difficult for her to find her own. real value.

Human time is limited, don’t waste time on unnecessary things, but cherish your time to do something worthwhile.

The more a woman can do things in a planned way, and can really handle every little thing in life, the better she can be in a relationship.

 my girlfriend doesn't talk to me like she used to
my girlfriend doesn’t talk to me like she used to

Be stingy with “relationships”
There are not many people who can clearly recognize the relationship in a relationship. A good relationship must be reconciled in love and being loved.

If you are too generous in the relationship, then you will habitually give in this relationship. If the other party does not give you the results you want, then the relationship is bound to be very painful.

From a psychological point of view, a person who always loves others habitually will become self-torture unless he can be very generous, and the person who enjoys love will not cherish this paragraph too much. Emotions, on the contrary, feel as they should be.

No matter whether the other half you choose, whether he loves you enough, you must learn to be stingy in the relationship and love yourself a little more, so that you can better get the love of others.

As we get older, we find that there are not many friends who really stay by our side, that is, just a few. When we were young and ignorant, we were always used to dealing with various relationships, and finally we looked back and looked at those Relationships are a complete waste of your time and energy.

how to impress your girlfriend
how to impress your girlfriend

For a woman, if she can concentrate on a relationship and truly love herself, she will be very happy in this relationship.

Wisdom women will know how to choose between these things, they know what they really want, so most of the time, they are more able to face the problems in life calmly.

Only when you become more stingy about these things will you have the atmosphere to deal with life and emotions.

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