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Tell me what is absolutely not allowed to eat during pregnancy

There are too many things that you must not eat during pregnancy, but there are also many things you can eat, such as alcohol and undercooked food. For other things, there is actually nothing special to pay attention to. Don’t overeat, just eat when you feel full. It is recommended to eat less and eat more frequently, and exercise appropriately!Tell me what is absolutely not allowed to eat during pregnancy

The alcohol content of cooking wine is usually around 15%, and usually only a few milliliters are added for cooking. Alcohol can volatilize at 80 degrees Celsius. The temperature of our stew is generally 100 degrees, and the cooking temperature is above 120 degrees. Generally, the alcohol evaporates after about 5 minutes of cooking. Therefore, when cooking, put a little cooking wine to remove the fishy smell. After full cooking, there is usually no residue, so don’t worry too much. Never drink alcohol or alcoholic beverages directly!

what is absolutely not allowed to eat during pregnancy
what is absolutely not allowed to eat during pregnancy

For the sake of safety, it is recommended not to eat it directly, but to heat it until the food is completely hot (at least 70 degrees or more) before eating. Although the meat production process has killed bacteria, Listeria can continue to multiply in a 4 degree environment. When stored in the refrigerator, other foods and eggs in the refrigerator may have bacteria on the surface, which will contaminate the meat. DHA is a supplement during pregnancy and is usually not used. There are two types of inositol. If you are sure of insulin resistance, you can use DCi chiro-inositol. You can use it according to your BMI. It is also helpful to eat more black rice. If there is no insulin resistance, you can use myo-inositol, which can be eaten sooner or later!

what is absolutely not allowed to eat during pregnancy
what is absolutely not allowed to eat during pregnancy

I don’t have a strict recipe, but there is a general scope and principle. The general principle is to be rich in nutrients, eat small meals frequently, keep blood sugar stable as much as possible, and reduce insulin resistance

  1. The staple food is mainly black rice and coarse grains. The rice is also mixed with some black rice / buckwheat rice / oat rice / broken corn, etc., mainly slow-rising sugar and low GI.
  2. The meat is rich and varied, and the intake is guaranteed. Eat more fish and shrimp, and eat all kinds of meat. If possible, the cooking method should be as low in oil as possible. Such as steaming, stewing.
  3. Eat more vegetables, especially dark vegetables, fibrous vegetables, and cruciferous vegetables.
  4. Don’t treat potatoes and pumpkins as vegetables, but count them in the staple food/carbs.
  5. Control the intake of fruits, try to add fruits between meals, choose relatively low-glycemic ones, no more than 200g at a time, and no more than 400g a day.
  6. Nuts and dairy products should be eaten in moderation every day as snacks.
  7. Supplement multi-dimensional, DHA, inositol
which food should not eat during pregnancy
which food should not eat during pregnancy

There are many foods that you can eat as long as your stomach is fine and you don’t feel any discomfort after eating them. If you feel uncomfortable and have diarrhea, don’t eat them, so as not to cause contractions. However, gastrointestinal function usually becomes weak during pregnancy, so it is recommended to eat less! There are also condiments made into chili sauce and the like. Generally, there will be more salt, so you need to pay attention, because too much salt intake during pregnancy can lead to high blood pressure. And if you make homemade hot sauce, don’t leave it for too long, so as not to breed bacteria and eat bad stomach. In addition, as for exercise, as long as you don’t feel uncomfortable when exercising, be careful not to do things you haven’t done before or have done very well. I think it’s fine!

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