These 3 bad habits in infancy the mother must force the baby to quit

Babies always like to suck their fingers, have to hold a feeding bottle before going to bed, sometimes throw things around, etc. These always make parents scratch their ears and cheeks. They are afraid that these bad habits will cause harm to the baby, but the baby is so small, it is very difficult for them And there is nothing to do, so it is inevitable to worry.These 3 bad habits in infancy the mother must force the baby to quit

As parents, we first need to figure out why babies have such bad habits; second, we need to know how to deal with this habit, whether to let it go or punch and kick; finally, we also need to tell them what to do instead matter. According to these three steps, I believe that these bad habits of the baby will be solved.

These 3 bad habits in infancy, the mother must force the baby to quit!
These 3 bad habits in infancy, the mother must force the baby to quit!
  1. Sucking fingers
    Finger-sucking is a habit of the baby from the fetal period. When doing B-ultrasound, some pregnant mothers will see the fetus sucking fingers in the womb. Paediatrician Robert Anderson said infants may use thumb or finger sucking as a way to fall asleep during the first few months of life, but quiet down and act as self-soothing. Finger sucking is generally considered harmless at this stage, but finger sucking beyond one year of age can be difficult to stop and may cause problems with the development of your baby’s mouth area. Pro tip: If your child is still sucking fingers after 1 year old, please guide him correctly in this way: ① After the baby wakes up, try not to leave him alone on the bed for too long, lest the child get bored and put his hand in his mouth; ② Help the baby to divert attention, such as playing games with him, singing nursery rhymes, reading picture books, etc.; ③ Slowly limit the occasions when the child sucks, for example, sucking is only allowed in the bedroom, but not in the living room or outside; ④ When the child stops sucking his fingers, be sure to praise him instead of criticizing him when he sucks. If none of these methods work, you can use a pacifier instead of sucking your baby’s fingers. Remember not to beat and scold the child, which will hinder the child’s healthy development.
These 3 bad habits in infancy, the mother must force the baby to quit!
These 3 bad habits in infancy, the mother must force the baby to quit!
  1. Biting something
    Babies will have teeth around 6 months old. When the first deciduous tooth begins to erupt, the gums may be a little itchy. The child wants to bite on everything, such as cardboard, clothes, quilts, and even tables and stools. However, these things are a collection of bacteria, if left unchecked, may increase the baby’s morbidity. Pro tip: After the baby enters the tooth eruption period, due to the pain and itching of the gums, he will especially like to bite things. Although this is normal, parents should still be concerned, because not everything can be chewed. For example, some angular items, or items that are easy to swallow, or items that are easy to hide bacteria, are not allowed to be chewed. At this time, parents can prepare some hard biscuits or chew gums for the baby as substitutes, which not only meets the psychological needs of mouth appetite, but also helps the eruption of deciduous teeth.
Biting something
Biting something
  1. Hold a bottle before going to bed
    The baby’s dependence on the bottle is like the adult’s dependence on the mobile phone at night. If there is no bottle, the baby may not be able to sleep, or even cry, and as soon as the bottle is put in the mouth, the baby will be quiet immediately. This method can be said to be tried and tested. However, the mother is not calm, because the baby fell asleep immediately after feeding the milk before going to bed, and did not care about gargling, let alone brushing his teeth, which not only hurt the baby’s teeth, but also was not good for the baby’s respiratory system. , so parents will be worried. Pro tip: Although the bottle is easy to use, it should not be too obsessed, otherwise it will affect the healthy development of the baby. ① When the baby is 6-9 months old, let the child adapt to the sippy cup or water cup in advance, which can effectively quit the bottle; ② Let the baby drink milk in advance, and then brush his teeth before going to bed; This process may be difficult and needs to be done step by step, so I hope parents can be more patient and encourage their babie

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