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What are the benefits of running 3 times a week

“Keep running every day” may be a misunderstanding of many people about running.What are the benefits of running 3 times a week

In addition to those who never run, there are many runners who also have a big obsession with “running every day”. Some even practice twice a day, for fear of not practicing “martial arts will be completely useless” for one day.

But do we really need to “keep” running every day? of course not!

If your goal is to run a marathon, then 3 workouts a week is definitely not enough. But there is still no need to keep running every day. Running 5 rests 2 is almost the same.

 What are the benefits of running 3 times a week
What are the benefits of running 3 times a week

If you’re running for your health, then “three times a week” is the most reasonable recommendation.

If you run 7 days a week and take a break, you are basically running three times a week. Running for a day and resting for a day can give your body enough time to recover and make it easier to complete each running plan. Most of our runners are 9-to-5 “workers”, and this arrangement will not affect normal work.

Amateur runners are most afraid of running injuries. This arrangement is also the safest. As long as they don’t do it, they will basically not be injured.

Jeff Galloway, author of “Runner’s World” magazine, once made a statistic and concluded that those who run three times a week are the least likely to be injured.

 What are the benefits of running 3 times a week
What are the benefits of running 3 times a week

They believe that, except for professional athletes, the vast majority of runners can run a day and rest a day. In this way, you can still maintain a healthy body and better running performance. A 48-hour interval between runs can miraculously repair physical damage. Whenever runners get hurt, they suggest trying to run every other day, and the pain usually goes away.

Pharaoh knew a big brother who started running after retirement. He ran at a 6-point speed. He took a break every time he ran, and then postponed it when it rained and windy. He never fought against the sky and the ground. When the interest comes, I go to participate in a local competition, and I usually run as I feel comfortable.

The body is getting better and better, and I have never been injured, and I can run freely. I think this state is really good, and I appreciate such a running concept. This is actually the original intention of many of us running, but we are lost in running and running, and we like to pursue speed, distance, limit, grand slam and so on more and more.

In fact, they are all floating clouds in the sky. Only running out of health is real, and it is one’s own.

benefits of running regularly
benefits of running regularly

For us ordinary runners, the purpose of running is generally for fitness, health, weight loss… not for professional competition, so there is no need to pursue too much running volume and too fast pace.

Pharaoh is a friend who used to run a lot of marathons together. Now I jog for 5-10 kilometers with me the next day, my feet don’t hurt anymore, and my blood pressure is normal. He said: no pressure, very good!

It is still important to make reasonable arrangements according to your body, life, family and other circumstances, and it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle through running. For the vast majority of people, running is part of life, not everything.

benefits of running regularly
benefits of running regularly

So, if you can know how to rest, keep “running three times a week”, and make running a “patron saint” of health, then you are a wise runner.

How many times a week do you run? Welcome to leave a message for discussion

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