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What are the best food for nourish the kidneys

If the kidneys have lesions, it is not good for the health of the whole body, and it is easy to bring some troubles to the body. The most affected is the discharge of toxins, the generation and filtration of urine.what are the best food for nourish the kidneys

If kidney function is lost, the body will be in a state of paralysis. In recent years, more and more people suffer from kidney disease, and there are also more patients with uremia.

Therefore, in order to protect the function of the kidneys and maintain a healthy body, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the kidneys, and be good at detecting abnormal manifestations in the body, which can prevent the continued development of the disease.

what are the best food for nourish the kidneys
what are the best food for nourish the kidneys

There are 4 criteria for “good kidney”, how many have you met?

The kidney is equivalent to a water purifier. Although the kidney function is relatively powerful, if it is not properly protected, it will be vulnerable. If you want to know whether the kidney is good or not, you can refer to the following 4 standards.

Is the hair black and shiny

Chinese medicine believes that “the kidney stores the essence, and its beauty is in the hair.” If there is white hair, the hair is not shiny, and there is hair loss, it means that the kidney is not good.

Whether the hearing is clear

The quality of hearing has a certain relationship with the rise and fall of the kidneys. If hearing loss and tinnitus occur, it may be related to kidney yin deficiency.

can hear is unclear
can hear is unclear

1.Whether the urine is clear and free of foam

There are a lot of foamy stools in the urine, which cannot disappear for a long time, or the color of the urine is dark brown or soy sauce, and it is accompanied by frequent urination and painful urination. It may be kidney disease, and you should go to the hospital for examination in time.

Is the skin shiny

If the kidneys are not good, the complexion will become dull, the eye sockets will be darkened, and there will be very obvious eye bags.

2.Can men eat “leek” really nourish the kidneys?

Men and health professionals are more familiar with chives. Eating chives often can promote qi and blood circulation, soothe the intestines and relieve bowel movements. Chives are also known as “kidney-nourishing grass”.

.Can men eat "leek" really nourish the kidneys?
.Can men eat “leek” really nourish the kidneys?

The dietary fiber and vitamins contained in it can improve the androgen and yang levels in men. Studies have found that chives do not have a strong effect on the maintenance of the kidneys. Therefore, if men want to nourish the kidneys, they should not focus on it. on leeks.

Ingesting a small amount of chives in the body will not have the effect of invigorating the kidneys, but ingesting a large amount of chives in the body will stimulate the stomach and cause stomach discomfort. Therefore, if you want to nourish the kidneys, the following foods may be better. Men may wish to eat more.

3.Suggestion: If you want to nourish your kidneys, these 4 things may be better

pigeon meat

If men want to invigorate the kidneys, they may as well eat pigeon meat often, which can not only invigorate the kidneys, but also promote the secretion of sex hormones. If men often catch colds, it means that the body’s resistance is poor, and they can often eat pigeon meat.

benefits of eating pigeon meat
benefits of eating pigeon meat

The protein and some nutrients contained in pigeon meat can improve the body’s resistance and immunity, and can also make men’s bodies more robust.


The nutritional value of mulberries is very high, which is rich in anthocyanins, which have strong antioxidant properties. Eating mulberries regularly can delay aging, whiten the skin, and help eliminate pigmentation.

Men who want to invigorate the kidneys can eat mulberries often, which can not only promote the detoxification and detoxification of the kidneys, but also improve kidney function and maintain the balance of electrolytes in the body.

benefits of eating mulberry
benefits of eating mulberry

black beans

If you want to invigorate the kidneys, men can also eat some black beans regularly. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that black enters the kidneys, and eating black beans regularly can help nourish the kidneys and enhance kidney function. Relieve the discomfort of the kidneys and show the masculine charm.


Oysters are rich in zinc. Eating oysters regularly can help nourish the kidneys, improve the quality of sperm, and protect the health of the kidneys. Therefore, men who want to nourish the kidneys may wish to eat oysters regularly, which can make the kidneys healthy and prevent kidney problems.

4. Please love the kidney and protect the kidney

  1. Moderate intake of protein The kidneys are related to the metabolism of protein. If you eat high-protein foods regularly, the kidneys will be damaged. Therefore, if you want to nourish the kidneys, you must consume a moderate amount of protein.
  1. Eat less salt and drink more water If you want to love the kidney and protect the kidney, you must keep a light diet, control the intake of salt, eat less pickled food, and drink more water at the same time. Ensure the intake of 1500~1700 ml of water every day, which can promote the excretion of urine. , reduce the concentration of metabolic waste in the kidneys.
  2. Active exercise Exercise can help control blood pressure, blood sugar can also prevent obesity. Everyone should choose sports according to their own preferences and physical conditions, such as running, swimming, badminton, etc. are very good choices.

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