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What are the differences between Yam and Iron yam

Autumn and winter are a good time to eat yam. Yam is rich in nutrients and is definitely one of the best dishes on the table in autumn and winter. There are many kinds of yam, can you tell the difference between vegetable yam and iron yam?

What is the difference between iron stick yam and vegetable yam?

What are the differences between Yam and Iron yam
What are the differences between Yam and Iron yam

1. Appearance difference:

vegetable yam is short and plump, with smooth skin and less whiskers, generally vegetable yam; iron stick yam is slender in shape and has rust on the skin. At first glance, it looks like a rusted iron rod, so it is called iron rod yam, which is also a key point for judging iron rod yam. Another iron bar yam has many beards, slender and rough.

2.the taste is different.

It can also be used to distinguish the difference between iron pot yam and vegetable yam, because the iron stick yam has a lot of water, the cooked iron stick yam is sticky, and it tastes a bit crisp, and it will feel a little numb when it is eaten. Cook off; the cooked yam tastes a bit like cucumber. If cooked for a long time, it is especially easy to melt.

3. Distinguish the difference between the two liquids by disconnecting.

When the two kinds of yam are broken, the liquid of the iron pot yam is sticky, and the flesh is hard, powdery, white or slightly yellow. The meat of vegetable yam is not so strong, and the liquid is relatively thin.

What are the differences between Yam and Iron yam
What are the differences between Yam and Iron yam

4.Weight difference.

The weight of iron stick yam is generally less than 200 grams, that is, four taels; if it is too heavy, it may not be authentic. Common yam varies in size and weight.

5.nutritional differences.

We all know that yam itself has high nutritional value, but compared with iron stick yam, other types of yam are still slightly inferior. As mentioned earlier, yam contains a lot of protein, starch, amino acids, minerals and various trace elements needed by the human body, and the content of nutrients in iron stick yam is higher than other types of yam, ranking first in yam, So now people who pursue higher nutritional value will choose to buy iron stick yam to eat.

Who is not suitable for eating yam?
Who is not suitable for eating yam?

Who is not suitable for eating yam?

  1. Indigestion. Yam contains a lot of starch, which is difficult to digest after eating. Therefore, for some people whose digestive function is not very good, it is recommended to eat less or not eat.
  2. Allergies. Yams contain a variety of natural active ingredients that may cause allergic symptoms after consumption. Therefore, for some people with sensitive constitutions, allergen testing should be done before consuming Huai Yam.
  3. Hyperglycemia. After the starch contained in yam enters the body, it will be converted into glucose, which will raise blood sugar. Therefore, it is not recommended for some people with high blood sugar to eat more yam, and the intake of staple food should be reduced accordingly after eating yam.

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