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What are the effect of cosmetics

You may often hear statements like “efficacy cosmetics” or “this skin care product works” What are the effect of cosmetics

Development of “Effect of Cosmetics”

1. Provisions in the Regulations on Hygiene Supervision of Cosmetics

What are the effect of cosmetics
What are the effect of cosmetics

The term efficacy originates from the classification of cosmetics by the regulatory authorities. In the previous “Cosmetics Hygiene Supervision Regulations”, cosmetics were divided into two categories, namely special-purpose cosmetics and non-special-purpose cosmetics. The former can only be sold after an application and approval from the regulatory authorities, while the latter only needs to be filed.

Although the approval document does not review the alleged efficacy of special-purpose cosmetics, nor does it serve as a recognition of the efficacy, it is an official approval document after all. Special-purpose cosmetics that belong to freckle whitening, hair dyeing, perm, hair removal, hair growth, deodorization, beauty milk, bodybuilding and sun protection are habitually classified as functional cosmetics.

2. Provisions in the Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Cosmetics

With the implementation of the “Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Cosmetics”, the fundamental law of the industry, the conceptual connotation of cosmetic efficacy has changed again.

What are the effect of cosmetics
What are the effect of cosmetics

According to the “Evaluation Specifications for Cosmetics Efficacy Claims” issued by the State Food and Drug Administration, the efficacy of cosmetics includes 20 kinds, not only the common freckle whitening, sun protection, anti-hair loss, acne removal, nourishment, repair, anti-wrinkle, firming, soothing, oil control , exfoliating, anti-hair breakage, anti-dandruff, moisturizing, hair care, and also includes some special efficacy claims, such as claiming that it is suitable for sensitive skin, claiming the efficacy of raw materials, claiming that it is mild and non-irritating, claiming quantitative indicators, etc.

Therefore, under the new regulatory framework, the connotation of efficacy has been greatly expanded, and even basic moisturizing, cleaning, makeup, and makeup removal are all cosmetic effects. Because the scope of efficacy is too large, the regulatory authorities classify and manage efficacy according to the potential risk level of efficacy.

Cosmetics with efficacy require human trials

According to regulations, cosmetics that claim to have freckle whitening, sunscreen, anti-hair loss, acne-removing, nourishing, and repairing effects must undergo a human efficacy evaluation test, that is, in a laboratory according to the prescribed methods and procedures, conduct tests on people to obtain Test results serve as the basis for efficacy claims.

Moisturizing and hair care are very basic and safe effects, which can be tested in humans or in laboratory tests (such as animal tests, cell experiments), and can also use consumer survey results, literature and research data as efficacy claims basis.

Cosmetics with efficacy require human trials
Cosmetics with efficacy require human trials

As for the effects that can be directly identified through the senses such as sight and smell, such as cleaning, makeup, makeup removal, aroma, hair dyeing, perming, hair removal, etc., there is no need to publish the basis for the claims of product efficacy.

State regulation is evolving

It is not difficult to see that under the new regulatory regulations, the risks and efficacy of cosmetics are no longer simply equated.

Anti-freckle and whitening, sunscreen and anti-hair loss cosmetics are also strictly regulated special cosmetics, which require a mandatory human efficacy evaluation test; however, hair dyeing and perming products that are also special cosmetics have no regulations on efficacy evaluation. This difference The management also reflects the progress of the national supervision method.

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