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What are the precautions for eyebrow tattooing

Eyes are not enough, eyebrows come together!

It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and the eyebrows are the clothes of the eyes. As the saying goes: well done eyebrows, at least 10 years younger! Eyebrows are the clothes of the eyes, beautiful eyes, without the clothes of eyebrows, the eyes will become “naked”, and the face without eyebrows will be disgusting!What are the precautions for eyebrow tattooing
The ancients called the eyebrows “the head of the seven emotions”.
However, not everyone has a good-looking eyebrow shape. Some people have too sparse eyebrows, and some people are too thick. Therefore, thrush has become the top priority in makeup. A pair of good-looking eyebrows plays a decisive role in the overall makeup effect. A fairy sister without eyebrows can’t stand up!

What are the precautions for eyebrow tattooing
What are the precautions for eyebrow tattooing

But not everyone knows how to draw good-looking eyebrows for themselves.

Even if the technique is good, drawing eyebrows is a time-consuming thing. so. Tattooing eyebrows has become a once and for all method. Because, with semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing, you can get these:

  1. Correct the eyebrow shape and enhance the three-dimensional sense of the five senses;
  2. Improve eyebrow color and make the face more energetic; 3. Improve appearance and charming temperament;
  3. Both makeup and beauty, fresh and natural;
  4. There is no worry about the makeup of the thrush, and you can have close contact with children without any worries.
    So, let’s take a look, what should be paid attention to in tattooing eyebrows?
    First, choose the right brow shape that suits your style.
    The fairy sister used to have thin eyebrows, but she was beautiful but lacking in temperament. Now, after changing to one-line eyebrows, the atmosphere is gentle and aura, and her phoenix eyes are even more beautiful.
What are the precautions for eyebrow tattooing
What are the precautions for eyebrow tattooing

Oriental beauty, but if the black one-word eyebrows are replaced by willow-leaf slender eyebrows, the atmosphere and gentleness of an oriental beauty will be lost. It can be seen that eyebrows are very important to a person’s temperament and appearance.

What are the precautions for eyebrow tattooing
What are the precautions for eyebrow tattooing

In this way, it can be seen that eyebrows can determine the temperament. A pair of beautiful and neat eyebrows suitable for oneself can not only correct the face shape, but also convey a unique temperament.
Second, the things you must pay attention to after tattooing your eyebrows:

  1. Can’t pick
    After the eyebrows are tattooed, they will scab over a few days. The eyebrows after forming scabs look very awkward, and at this time, many people will habitually pick these scabs like acne on their faces. After these scabs are picked off, the paint will also be taken off. After the paint falls off, the eyebrows will recover unnaturally and look very ugly. Therefore, after tattooing your eyebrows, you should be careful not to peel or pick the scab with your hands, otherwise it is easy to form permanent scars. Try to let it fall off naturally.

2, can not eat spicy
If you often eat spicy food just after tattooing your eyebrows, it will easily cause a certain degree of irritation to the skin, and there will be an itchy feeling around the eyebrows. When it itches, you will want to scratch it with your hands. If you scratch it, it will be the same as picking or peeling, and it will also remove the paint. After recovery, the entire eyebrow will look very ugly and awkward, making people very uncomfortable. .
After eyebrow tattooing, it is best to avoid food for 1-3 days. Don’t eat seafood and don’t drink alcohol.

how to shape our eyebrows
how to shape our eyebrows
  1. Do not touch water:
    Don’t touch the water at this time, especially on the first day after tattooing your eyebrows. At this time, the skin around the eyebrows is very fragile, and the wound has not been fully healed at this time. If you touch the water, the skin will have some reactions. This will cause swelling after recovery. If you want to wash your face, you must remember not to touch your eyebrows, just use a cotton pad to clean your face carefully.
    In addition, within three days after the eyebrow tattoo is completed, the wound must be kept clean, and it is best not to get wet. Water is bad, so be careful.
how to shape our eyebrows
how to shape our eyebrows
  1. Avoid the sun
    Direct sunlight should be avoided, and direct sunlight should be avoided until the skin at the tattoo site has fully recovered!
    In short, tattooing eyebrows is a once and for all method, but it is still necessary to find a formal beauty salon with qualifications and experience to do it. Avoid some surprises. After tattooing your eyebrows, you must follow the tips above to protect and restore them!

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