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What are the symptoms of uric acid? How to control uric acid, How to reduce uric acid in the kidney,

What are the symptoms of uric acid
What are the symptoms of uric acid

With the continuous outbreak of new metabolic disease terms in the clinic, people have paid more attention to their own health indicators. The normal operation of blood vessels in the body determines the normal physiological functions of metabolic diseases. What are the symptoms of uric acid

Clinically, there are constant outbreaks of complications caused by high uric acid that endanger people’s lives. The main clinical symptom of high uric acid is gout. When the human body’s uric acid is in a normal and stable state, the body’s various physiological functions can reach a certain degree of stability. When the level of uric acid is higher than the normal range, a sharp rise will cause uric acid crystals in the kidneys. What are the symptoms of uric acid

The uric acid crystals in the kidneys will follow the blood supply and be transmitted to the various organs of the body. The most representative part is the joints of the body that induce bone soreness. The painful nature of gout is like compressing bones.

People with high uric acid usually have three abnormalities when sleeping, so you might as well check yourself

1: Anomaly one: Dry mouth and tongue

What are the symptoms of uric acid
What are the symptoms of uric acid

Under normal physiological levels, all organs and organs of the body are in a state of sleep and rest, the body’s metabolic hormones will also follow the influence of the sleep structure to stabilize, and when the level of uric acid in the body cannot reach a certain level of control Range, it will cause the blood and kidney uric acid levels to rise sharply, which will stimulate the body’s metabolic organs.

Following the circulation of blood, the uric acid in the kidneys is transferred to the oral cavity to induce dry mouth. It is necessary to supplement water to dilute the uric acid and garbage toxins in the blood to a certain extent, thereby excreting them outside the body to maintain a normal uric acid level. .

The symptoms of waking up in the middle of the night due to thirst for more than three times during sleep, in addition to eliminating diabetes in the body, it is also necessary to be vigilant about whether the uric acid in the blood is on the rise.

2: Abnormal two: body swelling

The kidneys in the body and the blood levels of blood storage are on the rise. During sleep, the kidneys cannot reach a certain level of excretion, which induces edema of the lower limbs, which is also the main indicator of excessive uric acid levels.

Increased uric acid levels, the main disease mechanism is due to the body’s intake of water through the kidney’s filtration function to achieve a certain level of excretion, and the body’s water and garbage toxins cannot be excreted in time during the sleep process. It will induce the increase of uric acid and swelling of the lower limbs.

3: Abnormal three: back pain

What are the symptoms of uric acid
What are the symptoms of uric acid

The level of uric acid in the blood is increasing. The gastrointestinal cells and liver cells of the body accumulate too much urate. If the body takes in less water, or the body accumulates too much urate, it cannot be excreted outside the body in time. , Thereby forming stones in the kidney, which interferes with the normal filtration and excretion function of the kidney. The most common clinical manifestation is diffuse pain through the kidney to the lower back.

Excluding waist disease during sleep, backache without an inducement indicates a clinical pathology induced by kidney and blood uric acid levels exceeding the normal range.

How to control uric acid? Uric acid is too high, how can we control uric acid to avoid kidney failure?
Learn to be “picky eaters”

How to reduce uric acid in the kidney
How to reduce uric acid in the kidney

Patients with high uric acid have certain restrictions on the diet on the table, and they need to learn to be “picky eaters” due to the dazzling array of foods on the table. Due to the metabolic structure in the body, they have certain limits on dietary foods, and they are rich in a variety of high purines. Foods like this will interfere with the metabolic function of the body and the rate of “purine” metabolism in the body, thereby aggravating the condition of hyperuric acid.

In terms of diet, try to choose non-purine substances or discard seafood, animal liver, and high-greasy foods. Spinach is rich in oxalic acid substances that will affect the blood and kidney urea levels, so stay away from spinach foods as much as possible.

1: Drink more water

The dietary fiber and vitamin elements in the water can help the strong peristaltic vitality of the gastrointestinal muscles, participate in the filtration function of the blood and kidneys, help the blood remove uric acid and oil, and be excreted from the body in the form of urine to achieve normal physiological activities.

For patients with high uric acid, it is recommended to drink 2500~2800 ml of water per day, which can promote the metabolism of the kidneys, help the kidneys achieve a certain filtering function, increase urine output, and smoothly follow the uric acid levels in the kidneys and blood. Excreted in the urine in the body.

2: Avoid staying up late

The kidneys can not only filter harmful toxins to form urine, but also have the ability to regulate endocrine and metabolic hormone secretion. The excretion of uric acid mainly follows the filtration function of the kidneys and excretes the urine out of the body. Once the kidneys are damaged, the urine The filtering function declines and the normal excretion cannot be completed, which causes the uric acid level in the urine to be transmitted to the body’s blood along with the backflow of the urine, which causes the phenomenon of gout.

If staying up late for a long time, it will lead to a sharp drop in the level of endocrine and metabolism in the body, unable to complete the normal secretory function, affecting the metabolism and filtration regulation of the kidneys, thereby reducing urine output.

To sum up: high uric acid has been collectively referred to by the country as the “four highs” as the main metabolic disease that endangers human life. Therefore, it is urgent to prevent such diseases. Long-term monitoring of the uric acid level in the body understands the function of the kidneys and maintains normal health. Read more updates about health tips on

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