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What does steroids do to your body Body Building

Steroids are a general term for a large class of cyclopentane-fused perhydrophenanthrene derivatives widely distributed in the biological world, also known as steroids and steroids. Steroids include steroids (eg, cholesterol, lanosterol, sitosterol, stigmasterol, ergosterol), bile acids and bile alcohols, steroid hormones (eg, epinephrine, androgens, estrogens), insect ecdysone, strong Heart glycosides and sapogenin and toad poison, etc. In addition, there are synthetic steroids, such as anti-inflammatory agents (prednisone, dexamethasone), steroids that promote protein synthesis, and oral contraceptives. The body can naturally secrete steroids, and steroids are only needed when steroid deficiency causes a disease or requires treatment.What does steroids do to your body Body Building

There are many types of steroids. Many steroids have clear therapeutic effects, but they must be used strictly according to the doctor’s advice and cannot be abused. The steroids mentioned in fitness usually refer to steroid hormones that have the effect of increasing muscle mass. There are many types, and with the development of science and technology, new types of hormones are emerging. These hormones are mainly obtained through artificial synthesis.

What does steroids do to your body Body Building
What does steroids do to your body Body Building

Hormones can promote the process of anabolism, which encourages the body to generate new tissue, and it can also promote catabolism, which helps the body break down old tissue. “Steroids” are often used by athletes to improve athletic performance. Anabolic steroids are similar to synthetic male sex hormones. They are a class of chemically synthesized derivatives similar in structure and activity to human testosterone.

On October 27, 2017, the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer announced that androgenic (anabolic) steroids are class 2A carcinogens. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, anabolic steroid abuse can also cause some adverse changes in the body. These changes include breast development and atrophy of the male genitals, masculinization of the female body, and acne and hair loss in both sexes.
Steroid hormones will inhibit the body’s ability to produce hormones, rely heavily on exogenous hormones, and some dependencies are irreversible, which means that after a few times of use, the body’s function of secreting certain hormones will be inhibited until it is completely lost. , must be injected with hormones for life.

For example, some hormones can cause men’s testicles to shrink, or even lose testosterone secretion, and the penis becomes smaller. The use of steroids leads to visceral hypertrophy, and the increasingly rare vacuum belly in modern bodybuilding is the result of steroid abuse. The second athlete on the right in the picture below has a very prominent abdomen, obvious abdominal muscles, and obvious visceral hypertrophy.

What does steroids do to your body Body Building
What does steroids do to your body Body Building

Abuse of oral or injectable steroids increases the risk of heart disease and stroke, and most people who abuse oral steroids have an increased risk of liver disease. There is a risk of contracting infectious diseases when sharing needles or injecting with non-sterile techniques.

Steroid abuse is very common in professional bodybuilding, especially those used to increase muscle size. Under normal circumstances, the human body can increase 3-8 kilograms of muscle per year, and with the increase of exercise time, the amount of muscle growth is getting lower and lower, and muscle synthesis and decomposition are going on all the time.

The amount of gain is greater than the amount of consumption to achieve the desired muscle building effect. But muscles cannot grow without limit, especially with the increase of age and exercise time, the amount of various hormones in the body that can promote muscle growth is getting lower and lower, and many people have begun to use exogenous hormones to promote muscle growth.

A bodybuilder named Michael Westwood has been on steroids for 20 weeks, but the side effects of steroid use will make him “a lifetime to remember”.

Hormones used in bodybuilding include not only steroids but other hormones as well. The effect is not only muscle building, but also fat loss, dehydration and other effects. There are many hormones used for different purposes in different stages of exercise. Not only are professional bodybuilders abusing steroid hormones now, but some professional bodybuilders are also abusing steroid hormones.
For most people, it is best not to use hormones such as steroids unless they are ill, because the consequences are beyond the reach of ordinary people.

What does steroids do to your body Body Building
What does steroids do to your body Body Building

For fitness enthusiasts, build muscle naturally and do not pursue fitness goals that are inconsistent with your innate conditions. Thin people don’t even want to practice Schwarzenegger’s body.
In order to improve the fitness effect, do more multi-joint compound movements, especially the lower limbs, and exercise the buttocks and legs can promote the secretion of testosterone.

Going to bed early and getting up early to ensure adequate sleep and deep sleep are also very important to promote testosterone secretion. You can also use some natural testosterone products that are extracted from natural plants and have the function of promoting testosterone secretion. For women, the level of androgen in the body is very low, the strength is relatively small, and it is very difficult to gain muscle. If you want to gain muscle, you need to put in more effort, so don’t worry about becoming a muscular woman.

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