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What effect to our body being angry

Anger is an emotion that everyone has. In life or work, when something makes you unhappy, you will be angry.What effect to our body being angry

Put it this way: People have seven emotions and six desires. Good emotions can help your body very well, while bad emotions will have a great impact on people’s physical health.

When it comes to bad emotions, everyone can think of the kind of people with hot temper. Their emotions are almost a little bit, and they are very easy to get angry, and a sentence we often say is “to get angry and hurt the body”, “to calm down” !

What effect to our body being angry
What effect to our body being angry

A lot of qi can damage the body, which can accelerate the aging of brain cells, increase the pressure on the cerebrovascular, prevent toxins from being discharged, and flow into the brain in large quantities.

When angry, the brain is in a state of extreme congestion, which increases the oxygen in the blood, and the poison stimulates the hair follicles, causing people to grow spots. In addition, too much anger can also cause hypoxia in the heart muscle, resulting in abnormal heartbeat. Therefore, it is recommended that people keep smiling, Think about everything.

Is anger and cancer related?

Cancer is a malignant tumor formed under the action of a variety of carcinogenic factors, resulting in the loss of control over normal cells at the gene level. There is also a certain relationship.

These diseases are all “gas” out! After reading these 7 major hazards, I will not dare to be angry in the future

1st: Breast disease

The harm of anger to the breast is mainly to cause breast disease, which may cause breast hyperplasia, which is common in women aged 20-40. Breast hyperplasia is closely related to the patient’s endocrine disorder, and symptoms such as breast lumps and pain will appear. .

breast cancer
breast cancer

If you are angry for a long time, it will disrupt the patient’s endocrine hormone levels, causing the cells of the breast to become congested and swollen, especially before the menstrual period. It is very likely to increase the hyperplasia and pain of the breast glands. Temper, it is possible to increase the possibility of breast hyperplasia cancerous.

2nd: Thyroid disease

Frequent anger may cause thyroid disease. Thyroid nodules are a common clinical disease at present. There are many causes of thyroid nodules. Among them, the more common factors are long-term anger, fatigue, etc., which can cause thyroid nodules to enlarge.

Third: lung disease

When a person is angry, shortness of breath can lead to dyspnea, bloating, wheezing and coughing, and endanger the health of the lungs. The lungs are not good for the lungs. The lungs are a person’s respiratory organ. When people are angry, their emotions will become more excited.

Then in such a situation, people’s breathing will be accelerated, and if the situation is serious, people’s gas will be retrograde, causing damage to the lungs.

Fourth: Cardiovascular disease

The risk of heart disease is relatively higher when you are often angry. When the human body is angry, the blood pressure will gradually increase, and the heart rate will also increase. If you are angry for a long time, or have a long-term depressed mood, you will Causes atherosclerosis, which is the main cause of heart disease.

Being angry often for a long time may induce heart disease or other heart diseases!

Fifth: gastrointestinal diseases

Frequent anger can lead to gastrointestinal diseases, because frequent anger will affect the blood circulation in the stomach, inhibit the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract, easily cause indigestion, loss of appetite, and gastrointestinal disorders, resulting in stomach pain, bloating, nausea, Symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea.

Sixth: endocrine disorders

If women are often angry, it may cause endocrine disorders. Endocrine has a great relationship with people’s emotional changes. If they are often angry, abnormal changes will occur in various functions of the body, and the endocrine will inevitably be affected. It will cause endocrine disorders over time .

Once women have endocrine disorders, there will be many uncomfortable symptoms, which will first affect the skin. When they are angry, the blood supply to the head is richer, and the face will be redder. The toxins will accumulate and form stains because of the increase.

Seventh: liver disease

The liver is the largest detoxification organ of human beings. When people are angry, the body will secrete a substance called catecholamine, which will have a certain impact on the central nervous system, which will strengthen the decomposition of fatty acids and increase blood sugar, liver cells and blood. The toxins will increase accordingly, which will cause certain damage to the liver.

liver disease
liver disease

How to relieve bad mood in life

The first: accept the reality to relieve, you can divert attention to relieve.

Second: You can also choose to write a diary for relief. Usually, you can start with the details of life, such as changing a new hairstyle, eating a new fruit, or buying a new dress, or you can listen to a new favorite song. Music, get out of bad mood as soon as possible.

Third: When you are in a bad mood, sweating a lot can also relieve your bad mood. A lot of exercise will make you feel tired and forget your unhappiness. If you can, it is better to go to exercise with friends.

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