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What happens to the body when there is moderate anemia

We all know that anemia is bad for the body. Anemia timely blood regulates his body in time to avoid some diseases due to anemia, so how can you see that you are anemia? In fact, there are many symptoms of anemia, anemia, most bodies will have these five different, not ugly.What happens to the body when there is moderate anemia

What happens to the body when there is moderate anemia
What happens to the body when there is moderate anemia

What are the symptoms of anemia?

1.Cold hands and feet

When people have symptoms of anemia, there is usually a manifestation of cold, even in hot summer, the hands and feet are still cold. Most of them are anemic if they have had it for a long time. Patients with anemia are deficient, so nutrients and blood are deficient in blood supply to the extremity area, and are prone to have cold manifestations and require timely adjustment for improvement.

2. Easy to get dizzy

After the symptoms of anemia, most people feel that the head is a shed and the head is not suitable. For chronic dizziness, it’s best to check your body to see if it’s anemia. If it is determined to be anemia, you need to adjust and eat more food, which can increase the dizziness caused by anemia.

3. Always tired

For normal people, without overwork or lack of sleep, there is no good health. If people feel weak all the time, they can’t afford their spirits, they need to pay attention to the bad symptoms caused by anemia. In the case of severe anemia, the blood of each organ and the blood and nutrients needed by the organism are not supplied in time, and performance will occur.

feeling tired
feeling tired

4.Easy chest tightness

Heart function may also be affected when people have symptoms of anemia. Because of the reduced hemoglobin in the blood of people with anemia, the ability to carry oxygen is reduced and enough oxygen is not delivered to all parts of the body. Especially in the heart, at this time, it is easy for people to feel that the chest tightness is short-lived, or even a little active. If such performance exists, it is necessary to adjust the main body in time.

5.Deterioration of facial condition

People with enough blood generally have a rosy face, and it is not easy to be pale or joyful. However, anemia can clearly feel that the state of his face has deteriorated, not only the skin has become rough, but also shows a performance change in skin color, the skin can be found to be pale or yellow, which is related to anemia.

What can reduce anemia?
What can reduce anemia?

6.What can reduce anemia?

  • Eat more iron-rich high-protein diets. A rich high-protein diet can provide sufficient raw materials for the production of red blood cells and hemoglobin. Recommendation: High-protein drinks rich in iron, such as animal liver and kidney, lean meat, animal blood products, soy products, fish, shrimp, poultry, fungi, dairy products (yogurt, milk, cheese), sesame seeds, etc. Especially animal blood products, such as pig blood, duck blood, etc., are easy to digest and absorb, and are very suitable for the treatment of anemia.
  • Increase appetite and pay attention to cooking methods. Many people will pay attention to things that are good for anemia. In fact, anemia in the elderly not only pays attention to the content of the food, but also must pay attention to the cooking method in the food. Because people with anemia generally have no appetite and indigestion. Suggestion: In cooking food, take out the color, aroma, taste, and also make fresh meals, do spoilage, and digest. In order to reduce the burden on the gastrointestinal tract of anemia, it is not suitable to eat spicy, cold food. Drink tea, it is best not to eat. At the same time, you must eat more meals, 30 minutes after meals, to promote digestion.

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