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What is the benefits of reading book daily

How big is the gap between those who do not read for a long time and those who only know how to read?

Many people say that reading is full of rewards, but after a few days, they can’t remember what they have read, and they can’t help but question the effectiveness of reading.What is the benefits of reading book daily

In fact, it is not that reading is useless, but that we have not mastered the efficiency of reading books, so as to realize the method of transforming the results. Here, I will share 3 small methods with you. These are the methodologies that I have personally practiced, and I hope to help you:

1. Develop an experience output plan

The purpose of reading is not to read, but to organize and absorb external feedback and presentation after reading, and output my own experience. Take me as an example, reading every day is a must, and the output of my experience is not limited to the number of words. Every day, through the content of reading, select the most inspiring point or two points, repeat it, and express it in the form of words.

This process of expression is actually a process of processing the knowledge that has been read in the brain, and then turning it into a part of one’s own knowledge container.How big is the gap between those who do not read for a long time

What is the benefits of reading book daily
What is the benefits of reading book daily

The output of experience does not have to be written completely. It is not like an article that needs to pay attention to certain logic and structure. The output of experience is not required. It only requires you to focus on a point and express your feelings and inspirations. Just fine.What is the benefits of reading book daily

This is a low threshold thing, stick to it, believe me, you will benefit a lot.

2. Develop an implementation plan

Every reader actually wants to become better through reading, but between reading and excellence, a bridge is needed, that is, action. How to build this bridge is to formulate a practice plan.

Just like every time I finish reading a book, I will extract a few points from it that I can practice in reality, as a list of actions. After getting up every day, look at this list of actions and tell myself that today I am encountering When times are difficult, remember to take these actions.

With such hints, these practical points will be activated subconsciously when you actually encounter a similar situation, and will come out to remind you to say goodbye to the past thinking habits and act according to the new thinking logic.

What is the benefits of reading book daily
What is the benefits of reading book daily

Practicing the plan is not a decoration. There must be a willingness to deliberately fight, otherwise the effect will not be very good. And you don’t need too many practice points, just 1-2 are OK. By integrating these 2 into your consciousness, you can completely enhance your vitality, change your current trajectory, and give you life bring new changes.

3. Review the past at any time, and the old can be replaced with a new one

After reading a book, after a period of time, you need to take it out and review it again. Of course, this review is not to re-read the entire book (classic books, it is recommended to read more times), but to reflect your thinking at that time. Notes, experiences, and radiation records triggered by a certain point are all taken out to review and review.

You will find that this review process will make you have new associations and understandings of some of the past knowledge. This process is actually a process of regurgitating the old and accepting the new. The old knowledge and some of your new experiences and cognitions touch. Together, a new chemical reaction takes place.

I often have some feelings. When reviewing a certain knowledge point of a book I once read, a point that is very different from the inspiration recorded at that time suddenly pops up in my mind. This point allows me to be more open. look at the knowledge itself.

The link between knowledge and knowledge is a wonderful and interesting process. Sometimes you read a history book and then read a modern novel. The two books are completely different, but one day, When you are suddenly writing an article, a certain plot picture of the two books suddenly appears in your mind, and you burst out with some special inspiration and inspiration. You feel unfulfilled and full of surprises.

What is the benefits of reading book daily
What is the benefits of reading book daily

In fact, this is the wonderful spiritual feeling that reading brings to you. This is something that people who do not read cannot experience.

In general, in a word, reading is an input, and we must find ways to output it in order to maximize the value of reading. Only by connecting the knowledge on paper with practical actions can we leverage the lever of reading and accelerate our personal growth. .

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