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What is the reason behind to not get oblique muscle

What is the relationship between muscle and strength? In general, it is a proportional relationship. That is, the bigger the muscle, the bigger the strength. But there is no shortage of situations in life: someone looks thin and small, with little muscle, but a lot of strength. Why is this happening?best way to get oblique muscle ,What is the reason behind to not get oblique muscle

What is the reason behind to not get oblique muscle
What is the reason behind to not get oblique muscle

1. What is “strong”?

Strength is a word in our everyday context. If you want to seriously discuss the size of a person’s strength, the word “strength” is imprecise and inaccurate. For example, your ex-boyfriend can keep you moving heavy objects back and forth for an hour, while your current boyfriend can’t, but he can lift 50kg at a time, and neither can your ex-boyfriend. So tell me, is it the current or ex-boyfriend who is more powerful?

Therefore, for the evaluation of muscles, at least three indicators can be involved, namely: muscle strength, muscle endurance and muscle circumference.

Muscle strength is expressed as how much weight can be carried. In life, if there was a man who could drag a giant tire, we would surely admit that he was powerful. But at the same time, we might also ignore his stamina level, since he will most likely only be able to drag this big tire once. The greater the muscle strength, the greater the muscle circumference. This is the basic rule. Therefore, bodybuilders who want to gain muscle have a basic training common sense: if you want to have a large muscle circumference, you must put on a lot of weight.

And another man, he has the ability to train a certain weight repeatedly for a long time, that is, his muscular endurance level is very high, and some people will think he is a strong man. In this case, the circumference of the muscles is not necessarily exaggerated. Through long-term training, not outstanding muscle circumference can also achieve excellent muscle endurance level. If this is the case, it can be understood as “the muscles are not obvious, but the strength is great”.

What is the reason behind to not get oblique muscle
What is the reason behind to not get oblique muscle

2. Muscle recruitment ability, affects strength.

What is muscle recruitment capacity? It is how many muscle force units can be mobilized by the bodybuilder to participate in the force development process when doing strength training. Obviously, the stronger the muscle recruitment, the greater the strength. One of the main reasons for the weak strength of strength training beginners is that the level of muscle recruitment is low, and more muscle force units cannot be effectively mobilized. And this ability will only become more and more obvious after long-term training.

At the beginning of strength training, beginners will have a period of rapid strength growth, but little change in muscle circumference (because muscle building is a slow and long-term process). One of the reasons for the significant increase in strength at this time is the rapid increase in muscle recruitment. Therefore, at this stage, there will also be a phenomenon of “the muscle circumference is not very good, but the strength is obviously increased”.

For fitness veterans, also due to the difference in muscle recruitment ability of each person, small-sized muscular men can also bear amazing weights. Yu Xingjun has a fitness partner who is born in the 1980s. He weighs only 65 kg, and his muscle circumference is not prominent, but his maximum weight of half deadlift can reach 240 kg (nearly 4 times his body weight). Pull can reach 180 kg (about 3 times body weight). This is a typical example of “little muscles and great strength”, which reflects his super muscle recruitment ability.

how to get a perfect oblique muscle
how to get a perfect oblique muscle

3. The way of exertion and habits will also affect the amount of strength.

A topic that is often discussed on the Internet is that migrant workers who do physical work do not exercise, but they are also very strong. In fact, there are videos of comparative experiments in this area on the Internet, which can well illustrate the influence of “strength methods and habits” on strength.

For example, a migrant worker who often carries burdens can easily pick up more than 100 catties of goods. Let a muscular fitness coach pick it up, and it is difficult to stumble and walk, but let the migrant worker go to the gym to do barbell lying Pushing, the maximum weight he can lift is also far from that of the fitness trainer. So, which of the two is the most powerful?

In fact, different physical activities will make the body produce different physical adaptations, and the requirements for muscle circumference are also very different. Workers in moving companies seem to have larger muscle circumferences, because their exertion requires more weight and the explosive force when lifting heavy objects, so they are more inclined to work together with the whole body. Migrant workers who move bricks focus on moving non-heavy items (such as a stack of bricks) for a long time, so they test muscle endurance more, which requires much less muscle circumference.

As for the coaches or strength trainers in the gym, one of their force principles is “isolated training”, that is, to concentrate as much force as possible on the target muscle group, instead of borrowing the strength of other muscle groups (that is, reducing Compensation to exert force), this kind of exertion method is exactly the opposite of the exertion habit of doing physical work. Therefore, among those who do physical work, we are more likely to find some people with “little muscles and great strength”, such as migrant workers who move bricks, who look stronger. In the gym, the more the trainer pursues heavy weights, the more impressive the muscle size.

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