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What is the symptoms of high blood sugar

Hyperglycemia is a relatively common disease in our clinic, and it is also one of the “three highs” that we usually call. Under normal circumstances, our fasting blood sugar level is between 4.5~5.5mmol/L. When you go to the hospital for examination, if the blood sugar level is higher than this normal range, it is hyperglycemia. I believe that many middle-aged and elderly friends are facing the trouble of “three highs”. These diseases are chronic diseases that require long-term medication control, and suffering from these diseases is very painful. Among them, high blood sugar is more troublesome, because long-term high blood sugar may develop into diabetes. And patients with high blood sugar need to avoid many things and strictly control their diet, which seriously affects our quality of life. However, in today’s fast-paced life, more and more young people also have high blood sugar, which is caused by long-term unhealthy living and eating habits. So each of us should understand, what are the symptoms of elevated blood sugar? If your body has these 3 kinds of abnormalities, it may be reminding you that your blood sugar level is a little high, don’t be careless. If you don’t want to take hypoglycemic drugs frequently for the rest of your life, don’t take it seriously, you must find out early and treat it early.what is the symptoms of high blood sugar

what is the symptoms of high blood sugar
what is the symptoms of high blood sugar

We found that hyperglycemic patients eat a lot more than ordinary people. Due to the problems of glucose metabolism in their bodies, the relative or absolute lack of insulin leads to a decrease in the utilization of glucose in the body and an increase in the consumption of protein and fat, thus causing fatigue. , lose weight, so they need to eat a lot to supplement the lost sugar to maintain the function of the body. In addition, it is worth noting that the more the patient eats, the higher the blood sugar, the more sugar is lost in the urine, and the greater the hunger, which eventually leads to a vicious circle. If you find that you have eaten a lot recently, you will feel a little full after eating a lot, and you often feel hungry and always want to eat, you should start to be vigilant. This may be a sign of diabetes. It is recommended to check in time to see if is an increase in blood sugar.

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