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What should I eat balance my blood sugar?

Mr.Rock was diagnosed with diabetes. He started to pay attention to his diet after eating very irregularly before. The doctor said that his habit of skipping breakfast played a role that could not be ignored in the occurrence of diabetes. Therefore, he not only changed his habit of not eating breakfast in the past, but also paid attention to what and how to eat every day. He really wanted to know how to eat breakfast so that he could better control his blood sugar stably?What should I eat balance my blood sugar?

What should I eat balance my blood sugar?
What should I eat balance my blood sugar?

This problem is very good, and it is also a detail that cannot be ignored in blood sugar control. People with diabetes should pay enough attention. In general, people with diabetes should follow the six-character principle for breakfast, that is, “eat enough, not too late”.

The so-called eating enough means that the calorie intake should be enough, because the physiological activities of the body are gradually active in the morning, reaching the peak in the morning, and the function of the body’s own functions will also be maximized, including the secretion function of islet cells, The amount of blood sugar consumed by various tissues and organs will be maximized.

Eating breakfast can provide the necessary energy supply for various active physiological activities, just as sports competitions need to be adjusted to the best competitive state to help the performance level and achieve the best results. Therefore, in the morning and evening, we should pay attention to high quality, and the calories provided should account for more than one-third of the total calorie intake throughout the day.

This requires that the nutritional mix of breakfast should be comprehensive, and the food types should be rich, including at least four of the following five types of food:

Grains and potatoes such as sweet potatoes, whole wheat bread, whole grain cakes, multigrain porridge, etc.

What should I eat balance my blood sugar?
What should I eat balance my blood sugar?

Meat and eggs such as boiled eggs, poached eggs, beef, chicken, etc., do not eat processed meats such as sausage and ham.
Milk beans such as milk and soy milk should have at least one or two pieces of dried tofu.
Fruits and vegetables such as half an apple, a few strawberries, an orange, a small plate of salad greens, etc.
Nuts such as a handful of peanuts, melon seeds, pistachios, etc., can be eaten as a snack or snack in the morning.
This kind of breakfast seems to be quite complicated, but in fact, as long as you pay enough attention, it is not difficult to make, and many of them can be prepared the night before.

 best food for diabetes control
best food for diabetes control

In addition, it should be noted that breakfast should be eaten between 7:00-7:30, and no later than 8:30 at the latest, because when the human body is active in physiological activities, if it cannot obtain heat from the outside world, it will pass its own protection mechanism. , use the calories stored by itself to meet the needs, but there are obstacles in this mechanism for people with diabetes. After using the stored calories before eating breakfast, the calories provided by the breakfast cannot be converted and stored in time, resulting in a higher blood sugar level at breakfast. High levels, overall, raise blood sugar levels throughout the day, making blood sugar more difficult to control.

Practice has shown that: “eat enough, not too late” for breakfast, the blood sugar level can drop by 1-2 mmol/L throughout the day, and the amplitude of fluctuations throughout the day will also be reduced, which helps to achieve the goal of stable blood sugar control.

NOTE: If you have more problem then contact to your doctor,i am only provide a knowledge.Kindly consult to your doctor for your problems.

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