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What should we eat to improve immunity

The body’s resistance is poor, and it is easy to get sick at ordinary times, and the disease is repeated, and the treatment is also very troublesome. In the long-term, the body will become weak and sickly, which is a great threat to health. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the resistance through diet therapy in daily life. Here are some foods that can boost your immune system and ways to boost your immune system.What should we eat to improve immunity

What should we eat to improve immunity
What should we eat to improve immunity
  1. Proper iron supplementation: Iron can enhance immunity; but iron overload is harmful to the body, no more than 45 mg per day.
  2. Glutamine supplementation: It is an essential amino acid for the human body and is known as a “weapon” to enhance immunity. Frequent colds or diarrhea, can be used to add glutamine powder to juice or warm water.
  3. Arginine supplement: sea cucumber, squid, loach, squid and yam, black sesame, ginkgo, tofu skin, frozen tofu, sunflower seeds, and wolfberry are all rich in arginine, and eating more can enhance immunity.
  4. Deep water fish
    Studies have reported that the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil have similar effects to commonly used antidepressants such as lithium carbonate.
What should we eat to improve immunity
What should we eat to improve immunity
  1. Spinach
    There is no doubt that many people like to eat spinach, especially women, which is a great advantage. In addition to high amounts of iron, spinach also contains more folic acid that the body needs. A lack of folic acid can lead to mental illness, including depression and early-onset dementia. Insomnia with folic acid deficiency for more than 5 months will experience symptoms such as forgetfulness and anxiety.
  2. Low-fat milk
    For women with premenstrual syndrome, after taking 1,000 mg of calcium tablets for three months, three-quarters of them relieved tension, irritability or anxiety to varying degrees.
What should we eat to improve immunity
What should we eat to improve immunity
  1. Cordyceps sinensis
    Studies have found that Cordyceps sinensis can effectively increase the number of immune system cells, promote the number of tissues that produce antibodies, increase phagocytosis, kill the number of cells, and reduce the function of certain immune cells. It is a good choice for boosting the body’s immune system. Produced in Nagqu, Tibet, China. Cordyceps sinensis is 42,000 meters above sea level. The content of natural Cordyceps sinensis is higher, and the anti-cancer effect is more significant

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